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Com System II With CB/Intercom


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Has anyone added the BMW com System II to thier R1200RT? If so, how well do you like it? Mine is a 2006 R1200RT w/am-fm radio&cd player ! Anyone tried a different brand of communication brand?

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Lots of people have installed Autocom (intercom/music/GPS/phone/bike-to-bike capable). Not CB, however. It's all in the "Bike Related Things" section, not here in "Hexheads".

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I have the J&M unit the BMW system is based upon. It has worked really well for a year now. The CB works great, the intercom hasn't been used except when I checked it after installation. I use the J&M as an amplifier for my XM Roady receiver with the J&M Helmet speakers. I don't have the factory Radio/CB. I do enjoy the included NOAA weather receiver as a bonus.


If you are looking for CB communications this is a good bet. If you buy the system through Sierra Electronics you will save a ton of money over the identical BMW branded unit. The only thing is you will have to do is fabricate your own antenna mount (not a big deal) or use an antenna adapter that will use your factory radio antenna with some loss of range.


I have been pleased with the durability and quality of this unit.

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Sorry Marcopolo! Thank You, for your reply Mudman.Ihave read that people have used the J&B, but had some problems hooking it up to the factory am/fm-cb. Thanks confused.gif

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