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Will 2way and cell phone work in radio pocket?


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I have the following thingies to wire into my newly arrived Autocom.


Kenwoood TK-3131 (thanks for the recommendation Fernando)


GPS audio


I'm leaning towards bike mounting most of this stuff rather than tank bag because I don't want to bother with putting on a tank bag just for a short ride.


So, in thinking where to put stuff that will be sort of secure, I'd like to put the Cellphone, the 2-way and the Ipod in some sort of foam holder locked up in the radio pocket, running the necessary cables from the Autocom (either under the rider's sear or in the tail) thru a hole in the pocket.


Question is -- will the cell phone and the Kenwood work in there? Since their surroundings would mostly be plastic, I assume there would be little/no interference for radio waves. But I don't know so I'm asking you experts.


Not sure how I'll make it waterproof though. Maybe a zip lock baggie.


I'm still planning this and have not completely ruled out a tank bag so if my thinking is way off, please comment. From reading all of the info on this site, it looks like the members are pretty evenly divided between bike and bag mounting of electronics.



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Cell phone and FRS should work just fine. You may experience a tiny loss of range, about as much as you'd lose by using them inside a car. Certainly not enough to worry about. I don't have my phone wired in, but intend to move these items (and the autocom itself) from my tankbag to the glovebox (radio pocket) on MY bike.


The iPod, however (if it's a hard-drive based model) may have issues with vibration. For this reason, *my* iPod is going to stay in the tankbag.

Also - if the iPod is buried in the glovebox, you'll need some sort of remote to control the track selection and volume.

My recomendation for iPod remote is split between the Belkin SportCommand (which has a remote that's easy to use with gloves, but no dock connector pass-through for power) and the Scosche Sport Remote (which has a so-so remote, but DOES have a dock pass-through.)

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You'll take a slight range hit on the FRS and cellphone but they will still work OK, and the iPod should work fine with a remote. Vibration won't be an issue, or at least it isn't for me as I've used a hard drive-based MP3 player in the glovebox for years with no problems. I don't think you'll need to make any special effort to waterproof either as it stays pretty dry in there, I haven't had any problems with water intrusion even after riding through heavy rain. (This is all on an 1100RT but I think the glovebox on the 1150 RT is pretty much the same?)


I think the biggest problem you'll have is RF from the radio and cellphone getting into the audio system, which will be kind of hard to avoid if all of the devices are packed closely together. Mock it all up and test it to see, there's no way to be sure if you will have a problem until you try it.

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