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when coming off 3/4-full throttle engine backfires thru exhaust. any ideas?


Texastopper, you didn't say what type of exhaust system you are running?

If an aftermarket type system then you could be experiencing a normal condition.. Just a slight lean out on decel will cause a popping in the muffler/pipe..


If still running a stock exhaust system then you possibly have an air leak into the pipe or muffler at a gasket or joint (check for leaks at pipe joints, O2 fitting, & muffler attachment)..



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I've got a '03 R1150R and removed the can but not the catalytic converter. When I shut down the throttle it'll "cough" a little on compression. Didn't do this with the can on, or didn't hear it. IMHO the can is to catch these extranious noises, probably why it's sometimes called a muffler. Big twins are known to "pop" occasionally. Doesn't affect performance.

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and the punch line is....... drum roll please......


it has a remus exhuast &a power commander


That's some funny stuff right there.


Your exhaust note and resulting burps are perfectly normal!

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