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Rev'it Infinity riding suit


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Rider magazine had a product spotlight on the Rev'it infinity riding suit. I am looking to buy a 1-piece suit this spring and just about have my mind made on what I want to buy, now I see this. I see my local dealer is a dealer but I know they do not have them in stock. Does anyone know what they cost, and if anyone has one, what do you think of it. From thier website, it looks great, but I would rather hear from someone that has had some experience with it. So give me the skinny on this suit. Thanks Phil

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I talked to one of their reps today.


May 25 delivery.




I'm giving it some serious thought. It looks really good. At 6'2" and 165 lbs. I like the fact that their products are general sized for me. (bean pole)



Let me know if you learn anything else.



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Unless you are built like Whip you HAVE to try Rev'it stuff on.


It's completely Euro sizing. On a one piece good fit is mandatory.


Best of luck.

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I jusy saw the new Olympia one piece at a club meeting last night. I have their two piece suit (Ranger pants and Sentry jacket) and Airglide mesh suit and have been very happy with the quality and performance. The new one piece looks great. Don't mean to muddy the waters but you may want to check it out.

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