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R12RT for Adventure Riding?


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This coming August will see the 2 year anniversary of my R1200RT. Except for the non-ESA shocks, which don't really grip the road was well as I'd like, I'm very happy with this bike.


But I miss my R1150GS. bncry.gif


A bit of me wants to trade in the RT for a 12GS or 12GSA, but I'm tired of buying and selling bikes.


I wanna use my RT to travel to Mexico. No dirt, just the bumpy paved roads.


I've seen the threads on the Wunderlich and Touratech enging crash guards, and will prob purchase one of these.


I've installed the rubber "bumpers" for the side cases.




eek.gif Don't worry. The battery was dead, and the dealer allowed me to transport it. grin.gif


What sort of case guards are you folks aware of? Those side case covers are expensive, and I know I'll drop the bike in Mexico...



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Why would you drop it in Mexico? The paved roads there aren't any worse than a large percentage of the US. I took my 1100RT down there adn had no problems.

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Welcome over Lob, try this it works for me. I also miss the gs I had for a year, well I miss every bike I've owned. Just get on the RT & head to The dealer to demo one of the Gs models. The RT will Change your mind within ten miles. I know this works, I've done it three times already.



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The last time I saw my bike(same color) after my accident in December, it was on the back of a truck. The bike ultimately declared totaled by insurance co.

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I bought mine from A&S BMW. If the cases are on and it lays over for whatever reason (like you forgot to put your kickstand down!), the bike rests on the rubber bumpers on the cases instead of your paint. Good deal!

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Can't comment on Mexico roads but I (sadly) have some experience of the effectiveness of the BMW black plastic engine guards - they are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Over the years I have had three drops and each time the engine guard disintegrated and the head got badly scratched


I looked at the Touratech ones but ultimately went with BMW's alloy guards for the GS - they look great, cover the bit on the head that always gets scratched- and my dealer tells me they have had a bike in that went down and it did its job.........

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the BMW valve cover protectors are just hardened plastic. they do their intended job fine for a parking lot drop - but I wouldn't rely on them for any protection at speed.

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