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Ring Micro Cruise Lamps


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Anyone from across the pond have experience with these lights? Ring Micro Cruise Lamps Look like they can be had for somewhere just north of $50 plus shipping from UK... I have not been able to find any suppliers in the US.


I did some checking around and the Micro Cruise lamps "appear" to be the light which Wunderlich sells as the "Micro Flooter" ($220 from Santa Cruz BMW). Check out page one of this long installation article for some close up's of the Flooter - all the machining and bolts appear identical:

Micro Flooter Install The last page of the install article has some good pic's showing the light performance and a summary by the author.thumbsup.gif


For RT owners, Wunderlich shows Flooters mounted under the oil cooler. The Rings would appear to be a very inexpensive option to the PIAA's or Flooters. clap.gif



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No experience of that actual light,but I have these installed on my bike to supplement the high beam. Very effective and the "Angel Eye" thing is surprisingly good.


I have these as normal aux lights. Their LEDS gave up after 5 minutes, but the normal bulbs do aid in providing a nice triangle of light.


Both sets are powered direct from the battery with a relay triggered through either the side light or full beam circuit as applicable. The bottom set has their relay trigger running through a switch so they can be switched off as "technically" it's illegal to run "fog" lights when visibility isn't poor. No Police / Vehicle tester (MOT) has ever questioned them being always on. I have been really pleased with the quality of the Ring lighting range over the years having bought several of their products for various cars and bikes. Not always the cheappest over here, but I do like the quality. In your shoes, $170 extra just for a bit of aluminium mounting bracket?! I bent the original brackets to fit to the mounting points for the front mudguard. The spost were located by attaching the original brackets to a couple of right angle shelf brackets, then drilling a couple of holes to secure them to the fairing leaving enough room to replace the mirrors over the brackets. I'm sure if you order them, look at where you want them mounted and think outside the box you will be able to mount them for a lot less than $170! (Tip, shelf brackets from your local hardware store are great! I've also used them to mount my GPS...)




The spots even double as handy helmet holders...





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Thanks for the feedback - sounds like Ring lamps are well made. Are there any on-line places you could recommend? I searched the Ring web site and couldn't find a list of retailers. In fact, the only retailers I could find using Google (and other search engines) were in the UK - absolutely nothing on this side of the Atlantic!




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