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going from an LT to an RT


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Within the next couple of weeks I plan to trade my '99 LT for a '04 R1150RT to get a lighter bike, mostly. Any words of wisdom from someone else who went this way? The good, the bad, whatever? Any disappointments that I should expect? bncry.gif or smile.gif

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Welcome to the board JWG. I bet you can find a nice deal on an 04 RT locally. Just check that the service records are completed and up to date. The 04 is the best (and last) of the 1150s. Good Luck

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I went from an '02 LT to an 1150RT. If your riding one up, you'll love the RT in about every catagory. However, my wife much prefers the "luxury" of the LT. I've completed several long trips (excess of 2000 miles) on each and both have benefits. Don't look back and enjoy your RT!!! thumbsup.gif

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My guess? You'll love the handling and balance of the RT. You will miss the K engine (but over time the flat twin will grow on you).

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I did nearly the same thing. I went from a Goldwing to an RT and for the same reason. The 'Wing was just too heavy and I grew bored with it. The RT brought back the excitement.

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Went from a K1100 LT to a R1100 RT and have to say that I am happy with the RT as I am much more comfortable on it. Have to agree with Alien though...I do miss that K engine:-)

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Well, I am now on my second R1100Rt and I have also owned a 2000 K1200LT. Personally, I will get another LT when I get a chance. I miss my LT way too much. The motor, tranny, ergonomics, sound system, wind protection all much better. This is an easy one for me. If you want to trade your LT for a 97 RT with top case, radio, heated grips, heated mayor saddle and only 14,000 miles then let me know. Personally, if I made that move I would be dissapointed in the RT. This is not to disrespect the RT, heck I own one now, but the LT is in its own class. Its the holy grail of motorcycles if you ask me. I refer to the day I got rid of my LT as the biggest mistake I have made in my life.

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As you can see from my sig, I had a '00 LT and now own a '04 RT. Here are my thoughts.



-Better wind protection

-Electronic Cruise Control

-Saddle bags and top box can easily accomodate 4 helmet

-Very nimble and handles as well as the RT when at speed

-Radio has CD player

-Seats and back support are superb

-Amazing long distance tourer

-Has a reverse gear



-Lighter and easier to handle at lower speed as compared to the LT

-Flat-twin engine

-Feels sportier and almost dirt bike-like when jumping off a LT to a RT

-Panniers and top box are removable


From reading the aforementioned points, you might conclude that I liked my LT better. In many ways 'yes', but I also love the looks and feel of my RT. All in all, I think I can say that I love my RT, but I do regret trading my LT for it. They are both great bikes in their own ways, but if I can do it again, it might be quite challenging to convince me that the LT is worth trading for a RT. If you ride primarily long distance (which is subjective to your own opinion, of course), I'd keep the LT. Just my $0.02.

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Within the next couple of weeks I plan to trade my '99 LT for a '04 R1150RT to get a lighter bike, mostly.

I found the lighter bike part quite amusing because 600 lbs is not light but I guess from the LT world of 900 lbs, it's a world of difference. thumbsup.gif

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I traded an '02 1150RT for a new 2002 LTE in November of '03 for passenger comfort. The LT was my only bike in 2004. I disliked riding it so much that my solo riding really went down. In the spring of 2005 I bought a used '04 1150RT as a second bike so I could enjoy solo riding again. I traded the '04 RT in March of '06 for a new '05 1200RT. The only time the LT came out of the garage in '05 or '06 was if my wife went with me. The friends we did almost all of our two up riding with quit riding, so my wife doesn't want to ride much anymore. The LT is at our local dealership for sale on consignment.


I find the RT to be more comfortable for me than the LT. I never liked the height, weight, or top heaviness of the LT. The LT has less ground clearance, weighs a lot more, and was a lot less fun for me to ride than the RT. The 1200RT has more HP and as much torque than my LT, and weighs about 270 less. I'm getting a Russell dual saddle so my wife will be more comfortable on the RT than she is now. While the LT has some positive features, I always thought of it as a two wheel motor home. I tried to like it, but just couldn't. It does have a very smooth engine. The RT vibration has never bothered my though.

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I was serious about trading for an LT. If there are any, "unhappy" LT owners intrested in trading for a 97 RT in my sig then let me know. I am in Northern California. I can send pics. It is the luxury model with the heate grips, top case and stereo. Anyway, just throwing out options.

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Richard Rogers

Greetings - I have a 1999 K1200LTC with 32k on the clock and I am wishing for a lighter ride. The KLT has Ztechnik arm rests and top box rack, Electrical Connection driving lights, adjustable passenger footpegs, Cee Bailey windscreen, basalt in color


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