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FIAMM horn


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The fiamm horns on my RT have quit working. When I press the button, I can hear the compressor working but apparently not enough air pressure is being generated to power the horns. There are no leaks in the hoses. Should I change the compressor or is this an electrical issue?

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Can you elaborate a little more. I have tried to blow through the hoses to power play the horns but the restriction is high to do it. The horns quit when I used them during freezing temperatures. After that I got a few very weak blasts and now all that happens is a sound on something moving in the compressor with a little air coming out. I am thinking that if there is a bellows in there, it is torn.

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Have you oiled the compressor lately?


The Fiamm compressors are a vane-pump type compressor, and they rely on a thin film of oil inside the housing to create the seal. There should be a small plastic cap you can remove to oil the pump, and squirting some 3:1 oil back into the outlet fitting also may help.

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