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Who's ordered their Gunnison T-shirts.


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FB, since I done smoked myself stoopid back in the day, hence forgetting what you told me, howz 'bout emailing me the $$$ amount & yer addy, so's I can get my funds your way. Thanx brah.


PS, I owe you a beer. laugh.giflaugh.gif

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Have the form filled out and printed...and riding around in my purse waiting for my brain to engage and actually send it in with the check!


Will do tomorrow - before postage prices go up again in a couple weeks! frown.gif

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Maybe if we can see a "sneak preview" of the design, we can think about buying more.


Seriously though, if you have a shortfall let us know and I'm sure some of us can pick up extra.

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Thanks Steve. Actually, I'm working on being able to post the design, but real work keeps getting in the way. I will get it done, however. And yes, I believe that more people will want shirts once they see it.

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Work has dominated my life lately. I am printing off the form right now and will send it in on Saturday. Thanks!

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I will try and update this every day or two.


As of Wednesday, 7/3, the following people have ordered their T-Shirt/Sticker Combo's and will be picking them up in Gunnison.


Gary Clark (2)

John Zaborsky (2)

David Sprague (2)

Ken LaMura (2)

Wes Barter (2)

Bill Rathbone (1)

Terry Smart (1)

George Clarke (2)

Steve Asvitt (2)

Bill Bassett (1)

Paul Mihalka (1)

John Ranalleta (2)

Randall Rabalais (2)

Kris Besley (2)

John Hendricksen (1)

Wurty (1)

Doug Quinnell (1)

Dave Eisner (1)

Steve Chlavin (1)


Jim Catlett (2)

Daniel Baum (2)

Jeff Burns (2)

Michael Przybylo (1)

Roy Fowler (2)

Howard Rush (1)

Mike Snodgrass (2)

Dean Henagan (2)

John Cronan (1)

Shelley Hogan (1)

Fernando Belair (2)

Eric Luksich (2)

Glen McIntosh (1)

David Fancher (1)

Gary Peterson (2)

Brian Twiss (2)

Paper Butt (1)

James Edmonds (3)

Jonathan Multhaup (2)

Polo Zapiain (1)

Steve Knapp (2)

Kevin Cole (2)

Emerson Goodwin (2)

Ron Nieuwsma (2)

Michael Gregg (2)

Steven Gallanthine (1)

Stephen Slisz (3)

Chris Kinney (2)

Sean Daly (2)

Laney Kussman (2)

Mitchell Patrie (2)

Bill Hawkins (1)

Tom Bloomquist (2)

Russell/Lisa Bynum (2)

Joe Gauthier (2)

Al Draeger (1)

Tom Roe (3)

Frank Foster (2)

Chris Cox (1)

Michael Cortes (1)

Steve Schippers (2)

Patrick Allaire (2)

Tim Cropley (2)

Michael Moon (2)

Stephen Danner (2)

Denny Pavletich (1)

Antonio Flor Chanco (2)

Jim Shoop (1)

John Spicer (2)

Pat Patterson (1)

Stephen Reinig (1)

Ted Kerr (1)



Spike (2)

Marty Mayer (1)

Dick Frantz (1)


The following people have ordered their Shirts & Stickers and may or may not make it to Gunnison so they want them shipped to their homes:


Gary Clark (2)

Jim Nelson (2)

Jake McDonnell (2)

Bill Spurgeon (1)

Steve Chlavin (1)

Marty Hill (1)

David Bearden (2)

Brant Herbert (2)

John Bennet (1)

David Levine (1)

Jim Lawson (2)

Kevin Hart (2)

Allen Hare (1)

Mike Boomgarden (2)

Tony Meirovitz (1)

Bart Anderson (1)

Gary Thiel (2)

Brian McGauley (3)

Tom Brown (1)

Doug Hopwood (2)

Gregory Clark (1)


If you've ordered, but your name is not listed, please remember that it takes a while for mail to get to me in CA, depending on where you're located. Also, we welcome multiple orders. We need 160 shirts ordered by July 3, for this to work at this price, or we're gonna be in deep "oola." So please get your orders in, order more, and encourage your BBS friends to order theirs.


Thank you.


ADDENDUM, July 3, 2002: OK, that's it. I've got 153 pre-paid shirts (although a couple of you still owe me checks). I think I can break even. If not, we'll pass the hat.


Thanks again, one and all for getting your orders in on time. No additional orders are being accepted.



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I have these 2 cats. One male, one female. When I left for work today, your check was on the table, when I came home, your check was gone, so I'm pretty sure your check is in the male.......... laugh.giflaugh.gif

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Today is Friday, June 28. I will be delivering final art pics to the silkscreen/graphics house today. They will have preliminary artwork for me to look at on Monday with changes to be made for a semi-final viewing on Tues. I can then make only minor changes and adjustments. Wed. AM July 3rd the T-shirts will be ordered. The printer themselves have a few Haynes Beefy-T's in varying sizes in stock. That's where I'm getting the shirts for those orders that arrive in Wed. PM mail delivery. And that's it.


Between color separations, getting film made, burning screens, waiting for the job in cue, printing, folding, bagging, shipping to Gunnison and giving me the shirts that I've got to ship to people at home, the remaining time is all gone.


So please, get your orders in ASAP. There will be no leftovers. I've gotta have your order by Wed, July 3. And remember, I'm in SoCal, you're where you are, mail takes time, and on 7/1 the rates go up so be sure to attach the proper postage.



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Fernando, my check and order went out in yesterday's mail. If you don't receive it by Wednesday, please put me down for 1 XXL. Hopefully it'll get there before then. Thanks!!

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Thanks for all of your incredible work !

I put the check in the mail on 6/23 for one med shirt.

See you in Gunnison!


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Thanks Wurty! I do wonder about the similarity when the young ladies say he's too cute and they just want to take him home ... now if he says "Daddy, that chick wants me!" I'm comin' after your @ss ... wait, that's right ... that's spoken for wink.gif

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In reply to:

He does kinda look like me you know.


Hey, Jim, know what? Wurty is right. Lil' Shoop does kind of resemble Wurty... they both wear diapers, need a bib when they eat, and no one understands what the hell either one of them is saying, 'specially when they're suckin on their pacifiers !


Except Wurty drools alot more and has less hair! laugh.gif


Actually, I want to thank Fernando and Eric for taking such good care of us. Good stuff.



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FB: Will us "home delivery" folks get our T's before the rally, or do I have to wear an old Harley T when I'm up there?

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I intend to have the T-shirts printed and ready to ship by Friday the 12th. For those of you who asked that the shirts be sent to your homes, they will go out by USPS Priority Mail which is generally a 2-3-day service. Since the Post Office counts Saturday as a delivery day, I doubt anyone will get their shirt(s) any later than Wed, the 17th.


Anyway, that's the best-case scenario. If you're worried about it and want to change your order to "pick up in Gunnison" I can do that for you. Just e-mail me at fbelair@aol.com.

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That's great, Fernando, thanks for the work getting this done. The pride in wearing the shirt is after you get home, anyway.

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