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Fuel Pump Breather Tube Routing?


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I have an 88 K75s. I'm having trouble getting her started. Spark looks strong, engine is turning over. Plugs smell of gas when I pull them, but I'm not sure how much fuel is getting to the rail. Problem started when I tried to start her when she was very low on gas. I've since added 2 gallons. I'm going to try replacing the filter in case it's gummed up, but in looking at the hose routing I noticed that the breather hose from the fuel pump was just laying accross the bottom of the tank. Is that where it's supposed to be?



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There is no 'breather' hose from your fuel pump. There is an inlet and an oulet. The inlet has a fine mesh filter 'sock' attached and the outlet goes directly to the filter. There is a hose attached to this fine mesh filter. It should loop around to the 'other' side of the tank to allow the pump to suck all the available fuel.


This is a pretty good picture.


You should also have a rain drain hose on the bottom of the tank and a vent hose also on the bottom of the tank.



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Mick, thanks. I replaced the filter yesterday & after a few cranks and a twist, she started right up! Must've sucked in some sludge when I ran her dry--never doing that again. Totally back to normal now.

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