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Check this out.. Passport 9500i


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I know that the users of the board favor the Valentine 1,

but you gotta seet this: http://www.escortradar.com/9500i-inside-look.htm 459.00 and no adapter needed for use with an intercom. I am currently logging about 26k

a year on the same route between Tampa and Ft Lauderdale, and this unit might be just the ticket, and there is a significant amount of "protection" offered on these stretches of road.

Must admit, could have used the V1's arrows on more than one occasion. One time the Trusty old 8500 was wall to wall intermittently for nearly 30 miles, and couldn't pin point it. Turned out the LEO was in front, found him as he

pulled over another driver to provide him a fast driving award. Been an Escort fan since the early '80s

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Looks like it makes owning a radar detector easier. Fewer false alarms, mark known speed traps. Sure. But for the routes I travel often I already know this. It's just making my life easier by not beeping at me as much.


When in unknown lands it's still missing the counter and the arrows. Which I find key when traveling in unknown areas.

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