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ATL Cycle world show check in


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We made it home last night with no issues on the commute home. smile.gif We would like to thank Chris Kinney for taking the time to make sure we are met up for lunch Ted's.


Here is Steve Foot (Right Spin) finding out he get's to pay the groups bill.




Here is Mikes latest addition to the riding family.



Some other pics of lunch.








And some pics of the most important reasons to go to the Cycle show.






I hope everyone had as good of a time as we did. It was wonderful to see everyone.. smile.gif



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you guys could build another garage, otherwise, I don't know where you would put it around all the other bikes and the sidecar!

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Made it home safe and dry. Thanks for putting on the lunch, it was great meeting every one.

Wife and I left Snellville (Sister's place) Sunday morning in driving rain. But we still enjoyed the back roads home to Jax.clap.gif 770 miles roundtrip.

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Beth and I made it back to Tallahassee skirting the rain by going west and south.

Stayed dry enough to open the sunroof. grin.gif

We had a blast, enjoyed lunch with everyone, and I get a tire changer out of it.

Shawn and Rainy, your girls are great and seemed to be having a good time w/the old codgers.

The Lil Husker took the show in without missing a beat and seemed to be happiest in the Ducati exhibit.

Could it be all the red bikes?

Good day, great to see so many fun folks, and a big thanks to Chris for catching the bison. Twas yummy. tongue.gif

See you soon, wave.gif (Marty, that'll be Tuesday eek.gif)

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It was great to see everyone again. I got home last night, just before the rain. The storm front had 50 mph gusts, from right to left, that made for some interesting riding.



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Wow! What a weekend. I made it home Sunday afternoon after a couple of hours in rain followed by incredible winds after I overtook the front. Fun ride nonetheless.


The Cycle World show was a lot of fun. It was nice to have plenty of time to take in everything at a pace of my choosing. Several events prior, were rushed because we would drive up that morning and leave that evening. Not so in this case due to the gracious offers to stay with Marty on Friday night and Chris on Saturday night.


I would like to especially thank Ken and Brynda Insley for offering to make last minute changes to their Friday night plans to accomodate me. You two were very generous and we'll pull something together soon when we can plan it out better.


The peak of the weekend was attending the SuperCross races Saturday night in the Georgia Dome. Watching Ricky Carmichael and Bubba Stewart battle it out with Chad Reed from the upper deck was priceless. Thanks to Chris Kinney and Randy Etheridge for securing tickets to the event.


All in all, about 550 miles of quality time with the GS, my first bison burger, catching up with a couple dozen good friends and drooling over the latest MV Agusta offerings. Here's to next year. thumbsup.gif

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Calvin  (no socks)

I had to do the last 100 miles in and out of Hotlanta on the slab....but tore the backroads up after that...

I enjoyed spending some quality time with the family at Teds.

Chris, thanks again for putting this together.

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Great to see all of you, old friends and new. Even with some last minute cancellations we still had lunch for 24. Also thanks for buying my lunch, an unexpeced gesture of generosity. Sorry for the long hike for lunch but believe me it was much better than the CNN food court where we had dinner!

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It was great to see so many of you again and meet some folks in person for the first time. Our table had three members of the next generation of bmwst!


The baby is a Husker all right, sure does like red bikes!


I'll have to warn him that you might meet a few shady characters at motorcycle events - I caught Beth trying to teach him the Tomahawk Chop!!!! Yikes! tongue.giflmao.gif

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MNTOR made it the challegning ten miles home. Through that Atlanta traffic. . . Maybe there's a saddlesoar in there somewhere.


It was great to make your acquaintence.


John O'Keefe

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