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Just upgraded to Streets and Trips 2007


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Features seem pretty much the same, which is good, I like the progam myself.


But the speed at which it draws the maps, calcs routes, and does it's searches is MUCH faster than 2005 which I was running before.

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One thing I do not like is that you cannot change the actual driving speeds on road types, you can only adjust a slide to "faster" or "slower". That and some road errors in Atlanta make me wish I had not upgraded this year. I will still use the 2006 version on my laptop.

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Can you import a route/map from Streets and Trips into a Garmin? I have S&T 2006. I seem to like it better then the Garmin map program.

First off, I'm no GPS expert, and I didn't even stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but...


Your question got me to thinking, so I did a little Googling and found this site: http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=21067&whichpage=1

Go down to Tip #22 and it gives you 3 potential options. I went with option three, and downloaded the free convertor program. Then I figured what the hey, and ordered S&T 2007 from Amazon for $35. I'll see if I can get S&T compatibility with my 276c for little risk. You already have S&T so you could download the free convertor program and give it a try.


Good luck,


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Steve - I upgrade every year and not being able to put in an actual speed is new for 2007. I believe the "average" speed in the new version is based on the actual speed limit and we all know how accurate that is! Even by putting all of the slide scales in the "fastest" position I could only get a difference of less than 15 minutes on a 250 mile trip. I could get very accurate travel times by putting in actual average speeds instead of the speed limit in the older programs. Around here 65 means 80!

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What am I missing, I have 2006 and all I have for adjusting speeds are the slide bar. Is there another area where I need to go to turn something on?



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Chris, sorry, not clear. 2007 runs much faster, the searches are near instant, as are the map redraws. My last version was 2005. I was curious if 2006 was equally fast (program performance, not road speed) to 2007?


The difference between 2005 and 2007 is like night and day!


BTW, my 2005 version and 2007 version have the same sliders for driving speeds...? Where do you see being able to enter actual speeds?

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... you cannot change the actual driving speeds on road types, you can only adjust a slide to "faster" or "slower".


that's all you can do on mine (2005) too.




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Can you import a route/map from Streets and Trips into a Garmin? I have S&T 2006.


If you have 2006, you can use GPSBabel. In Windows, you can use the GPSBabelGUI version for ease of use. Follow these instructions to convert to MapSource format:


- Open up GPSBabelGUI

- For input format, select "Microsoft Streets & Trips (pin/route reader)"

- For output format, select "Garmin MapSource - gdb"

- In the "Input" pane in the "File" box choose your input file - there's a button to open a selection option at the right end of the box.

- In the "Output" pane enter an output file name or use the button on the right side to enter a name and directory

-Under "What?" click Waypoints and Routes

- Click "let's go" to convert the file.


As far as directly transferring from S&T to the Garmin device, GPSBabel is supposed to do it, although I've never tried it. Follow the above but click the "device" box on output and select your GPS. In either case, you'll need to recalculate the route when you get it out of S&T format so it matches the roads in MapSource or the Garmin unit.


It appears that GPSBabel doesn't work with S&T 2007 right now because Microsoft (hard to believe) changed the .est file format around. I'm sure the GPSBabel people will be on it.

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