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Avon Storm Sport Touring Tire

Mr. Frank

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A few months ago Avon replaced the Azaro tire with the Storm. The ad copy looks very good. Does anybody have some miles on them? With all the recent snow it might be awhile before we hear much.

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I replaced some moderatley worn Bridgestones and put a set of Azaros on my '99 RT in May of last year. Since then, I've put 6K on them and have no complaints or issues at all. The tread looks to be about 50% at this point. My riding is mixed two-lanes and freeway, mainly commuting with occasional longer rides.


I have never noticed the tires while riding, which tells me they are doing an excellent job. I WILL buy another set when the time comes. Southwest Moto is my tire dealer of choice.

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these tires are awesome! i have about 2k miles on mine so far, with lots of rainy riding. These are the best Ive used so far. excellent traction wet or dry, better than the metzler in the rain, hasnt let go once. Grips great when dry and heats up very quickly for quick traction from the get go. The only thing im holding out for is what kind of mileage i will get out of these. Also, very easy to mount for all of those who mount their own tires. I would highly recommend these to anyone!

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Just ordered mine yesterday from the local Honda dealer, they will do the mounting for free, so I think it ends up in a wash if I went somewhere else for a better price. 300 dollars for both tires, 99 R1100RT. You guys got me convinced.



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We currently have about a foot of snow on the ground. The other day (Wednesday) I took a trip down out of the mountains to the dealer (100mi) as the temp was to hit 50. Melt was running everywhere with twisties all the way. I was a little aprehensive thru the first couple of twisties(being new tires)but I gradually rode a little more agressive as I went and was impressed with the stick to it performance and handling.

IF I get good milage on em, they will definitely be my tire of choice thumbsup.gif


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