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What's this connector for?


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Ok, I am looking to install a switched fuse block, I know that I could take a switched feed off of one of the power sockets but when I had the tupperware off I found this connector right below the right speaker.




Was wondering if anyone has any idea what it is for?

My bike already has Cruse control, and factory radio, I thought it might be for ESA but I checked a bike at the dealer and it had this spare connector even with ESA.


It does have one wire with switched 12v and the othe is switched but is only 5v. Seems like it might have something to do with the computer with that 5v in there.

It looks like the kind of connector that are used on fuel injectors.


Anyone have any ideas?



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I couldn't say what it is for but, typically, there are only two wires in those and if both have some form of power, and all you are gonna do is run a relay, go ahead and tap it.

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