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ABS Lights


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My lights are back tongue.gif

Symptoms are top light steady, bottom flashing.

This will occur just by turning the ignition on (no engine start).

The system resets as I drive off.

Battery is good in fact new, problem occurred with old battery also.

Motronic reset seems to help for a while.

Any ideas?

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i remember when you turn on the ignition...the light with the triangle is steady and the abs light is flashing...once you turn on the engine, the triangle light goes off after a few seconds but the abs light is still blinking...that shuts off once you start moving

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I'm pretty sure that is normal.


It has been awhile since I had a bike with ABS I on it. Actually, I do have one but it isn't running just now. That's my best recollection though.

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I think Gordon is right. I think this is covered in the operators manual. My bike is about a 50 yard hike through a foot of snow. I'll take a look a the manual in a couple of hours.

I know, I know, you Colorado and New York guys have no sympathy for me. wink.gif

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I think there may be some confusion between the 1100 and the 1150. There is no triangle light on the 1100's, just two equal lights labeled "ABS".


Normal operation is for the lights to flash together when the ignition is turned on and go out after moving. If the battery voltage is low, upon starting the bike both lights flash alternatively. Having one light flash is not normal operation.


Even though it resets, you may want to look at the ABS diagnostic codes and see if it is storing a fault code. Check the ABS articles on IBMWR.org if you need help with reading the fault code from the connector under the seat.

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Davis nand Alan are correct (sorry about the snow Alan, re reached 80F yesterday cool.gif)

Anyway, so far it seems pulling the #5 fuse clears the problem/fault (I think) I need to do some more ride tests.

Is my bike equipped with ABS II?

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Went for test ride, this time top light remained on steady for about 1-2 min of riding then went out.

Also ABS was fully functional while top light was on. tongue.gif

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From the Manual R1100rt

When the ignition is switched on warning lights 1 and 2 flash together


If ABS warning lights 1 and 2 flash in an opposed rhythm, or remain on all the time: the abs function is not available. Switch the ignition off and on again.

If the ABS lights flash in the same rhythm: ABS was only temp temporarily out of action due to some outside influence, for instance low battery voltage. The system is in proper working order again.


ABS warning lights 1 and 2 flash in opposed rhythm the system is out of action. If turning the ignition off and on again does not eliminate the fault: consult an authorized BMW dealer.

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Correct, but in my case...top light is lit steady, bottom flashing til drive off reset. Sometimes bottom resets and top stays lit....Sometimes both reset and go out....Plus I still ABS function, while the top is lit.

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Gordon, this is just a guess, but I would first make sure the sensors at the wheel are the correct distance from the rotor. I think it's in the other operator manual. The one that details removing a wheel. I've never checked mine but I recall the manual saying to check using the supplied feeler gauge.

Good luck.


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I suspect you have a bad relay. Check the ABS warning relay in your relay box. It should click on/off with the ignition ON.

The Motronic reset you mentioned should have nothing to do with the ABS at all. frown.gif



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That's a possibilty, I checked it and seemed to be a little loose. Might explain the intermitent problem.

Yesterday rode several short trips no symptoms, today on startup before the engine fired up, ignition on, sympton occurred. Then no more on several short trips. tongue.gif

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