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Anyone using the Sargent low seat?


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A little more information on the bike you are interested in knowing about would help.


I have a 12GS and the Sargent Low seat.


I have had it for 15K + Miles, and really like it. It took a thousand miles to break in, but I am now good all day on it.





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I have the Sargent low seat on a '06 R1200RT and have put about 20K miles on it, 4K on the stock seat. Not sure what kind of detail your interested in, but I have a 32 inseam and it fits very nicely 1up in the low position. I put it in the high position when riding 2up and ESA on "2 helmets".


The seat is very comfortable and provides a little extra thigh support over the stock seat. My longest ride in one day on the seat has been 700 miles and the seat was not a limiting factor. Riding 2up, my wife does tend to slide on mild stops, so it's a little slick. Wear seems to be good. Hope that helps.

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If so, are you happy with it?


On my 1200RT and I like it...Because of thigh width of the Sargent I am tip toes to the ground as opposed to nearly flat footed with stock low seat...(29"+ inseam)...I ride with the Sargent in the low position..

I like the flat, slightly rear tilt of the seat and it's wider width under the butt, but it isn't soft...Don't think about the seat when riding anymore...That's a good indication...Covered in carbon FX....

Can't comment on pillion comfort...Wife has her own bike...



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16K miles on a low seat with my 1150RT - great saddle. I have acquired a Russell Day Long and am now in the process of lowering the bike so that I can keep the 2" taller Russell. The Sargent is comfortable, the Russell is heavenly.

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I would echo the other comments as I like mine very well after 27K miles. Talk to Rudi when you call.

I did buy a Russell and while it is more plush than the Sergents I use it sparingly as you have just one seating "position" and it is not waterproof, even using the cover.


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A little more information on the bike you are interested in knowing about would help.


I've got an 07 RT with the BMW low seat which I use in the low position. I'd like to get a bit more comfort without sitting too much higher. I know Russel makes a very comfortable seat but from the feedback I've read on this forum, the result is a higher seat inspite of whar Russel says.


If I do end up with something that puts me on my tip-toes, I'll still need a stock low seat for comuting so I'd prefer to get something that doesn't require me to send them my seat pan.

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