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BeniciaRT_GTs 50CC (Finally)


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I must first start by apologizing for the ridiculous amount of time it has taken me to write up this ride tale. I returned to California with a large workload at the office, and too much to do to catch up on domestic duties. No excuse, just my justification for being an ungrateful putz for not getting this done right away. Also, there aren’t many pictures to accompany the tale, as my camera batteries died pretty quick and most of the driving was in the dark anyway.


I honestly can’t describe how incredible the “love” I got on my short adventure was. I honestly felt like I was carried across the country, and really didn’t do this alone. There were too many calls to thank everyone individually, so I’ll just say thanks to the board as a group. How in two days so many people not only saw the post, but took the time and trouble to make an effort to call me is awe-inspiring!


Okay, so without further delay and pre-rambling: here it is, weak as it may be:


In November, I found out my Union Officer job position had been eliminated. That was posted on an earlier thread if you want details, but basically, it isn’t some traumatic thing where I lost my job altogether, I just lost the current job I was doing and will go back to mechanic“ing” for the airline. The reason for even bringing this up is it put me in a position of needing to burn three weeks of vacation before years end. Also, in February, my father had died, and I really needed to get back to Georgia and settle some estate issues. I had some antiques to bring back, and didn’t want to ship them on a truck with people that had no stake in how precious they are to me.


So, I thought to my self, “Self, if you fly back, you will have to rent a car, return it, rent a U-haul, and hassle with a lot of tactical details. However if you ride back and do it in 2 days, you will only lose a couple of days (1 riding and 1 recovering) and have your motorcycle to tool around on while you are there!”


So in typical Richard fashion, I decided, mostly on a whim, “Why not?’



I posted a note that I was thinking about it, and got a few words of advice and encouragement, so off I went.


Now please understand, if you wish to take on a ride/effort like this, DO NOT DO IT IN ANY WAY LIKE I DID!!! I did many “No-No’s” of long distance riding.


The first thing I didn’t do was plan anything more than the route. I figured, if I’m taking an interstate, there will be plenty of places to stay and get gas, so I’m not worried about stops. I know this would drive most members of this board absolutely nuts!!! I did very little research on what people had done before, but I’ve done some good distance riding, so I knew what I needed to do for me. I had to change the placement of my microphone boom in my helmet and wear my particular distance “under” gear that works for me. (Bicycle shorts, micro fiber underwear without seams etc.) The only thing I put in the GPS were the coordinates for the gas stations that most people seem to use for start and end points, and the fire station in Jacksonville Beach.


The first No-No of the trip was I had a basically new riding suit, and trusted I had it adjusted properly. This worked out mostly fine for me, but I don’t recommend anyone try this idea. (More on this later.)


My next No-No was the time of year. The shortest days of the year are not the time to go do a long ride. Also, weather is rarely in your favor. I did check and it seemed like I had a good window for taking the southern route (I-10) between two big storm fronts.


Since I decided for sure to attempt this on a Saturday afternoon, I had to scramble a bit to get everything in order. (Pack, call relatives, etc.) So I called our fearless leader’s “Lesser” half, Nerdy Jamie, to see if he would be my witness for the start in San Diego. As usual with those two folks, “Of course, but you have to stay with us. We have plenty of room!” I couldn’t turn down a stay at the infamous San Diego B & B, so I agreed.


I also saw one of these somewhere on this board:





This was great because I could set it at 50 hours when I started and I had a big numbered countdown clock. It also had another timer that I could start and stop when I stopped. It worked great and helped greatly with figuring out my progress and how much time I had spent stopped as the trip progressed.



On Monday, Dec. 11, I got up and loaded the bike. I waited around until Corbin was open and gave them a call to see if they had one of their newly released seats available for the GT. “We have one front seat available” I heard from the other end of the phone. “Great, hold on to it. I’ll be there in a couple of hours.” So with a big hug and kiss, and mumbling something about me “being crazy” and a “I just don’t get it!” my better half saw me off. As I threw my leg over the soon to be replaced saddle, I heard a very stern “You better have your ass home before Christmas!”


“Yes Dear” was my standard answer.


So off to Corbin in Hollister I went. They are south of me about 2 hours and that would put me there about lunchtime, and they have a little café there. When I got there, I asked them if they had ever gotten a donator bike for the smuggler they are making for the GT. I had known a fellow well north of California had let them borrow his bike for making the seat, and they were looking for another donor for the smuggler development. The front salesman called to the back and reported “No, we haven’t but would you mind if we play with your bike while you eat?”


So I went for a bite in the café and they checked the fit on the smuggler. I did go out and check it out, and it seems like it will fit well, and might be downright handy. It also seems to “fit” with the lines of the bike. They took lots of pictures and made a few marks on it. I didn’t take any of my own pictures, as I didn’t think that would be proper.


This is the first picture (one of very few) of my trip with my new seat installed:





That would be “No-No” number 3. Don’t change things right before a trip. I felt it was worth the gamble, because I didn’t think it could be any worse than the stock seat. I was both right and wrong. The seat is much lower than stock so it bent my knees quite a bit more than I was used to. This was a slight problem for me the next day. Also, the seat is very hard before it breaks in, and that didn’t happen until after the entire trip. Even still, it worked out better I think. It is comfy and soft enough now, but not so much for the trip!


So after a nice lunch, off to San Diego I went. I took a nice road out of Gilroy to I-5 and slabbed it all the way to Casa Edmond.


So to start off my trip, I did a 550+ mile day. Not too bright, but I gotta be me I guess. thumbsup.gif



Upon arrival, I found the garage door open and a young lady by the name of Maggie very excited to meet me. After a quick greeting sniff from Maggie, it was on to a tour of the wonderful house. Dinner was served (excellent pesto lasagna) and Nerdy Jamie and I sat around and chatted for a while and I bonded with my latest admirer:




Nerdy Jamie and I talked about their 50CC and the fact that they knew they could stop for 2 separate 4 hour naps. I figured that sounded fine, so that was the extent of my final plan.

“Make a couple of stops.” Hmmmm, that should about cover it!



I posted my number and a call for “cheerleaders.” I had no idea what I had gotten into and what kind of people I was dealing with.


After yet another No-No: a fat second glass of wine, Leslie arrived home from choir practice and I got to spend some more time with the lovely couple, well at least one of them is lovely…


I was too excited about seeing Leslie and Nerdy Jamie to be sleepy so I stayed up a little later than I wanted. So after several assurances that I didn’t need my alarm clock, I finally trekked off to bed. I did talk my newest girlfriend, Maggie, into sleeping with me, but only after we put a sheet over the top of the clean comforter to keep her, um, doglike odors, off the bed. I want point out here why I made Nerdy Jamie’s promises above in bold:

I felt like 07:00 or so would be a good time to take off. Nerdy Jamie promised to wake me up around 05:30.


Of course, as I should have expected, there was a knock at the door a little after 06:00!!!


“Sorry Dude, I overslept.” I hear though the door. So I jumped up and started to get ready. A light breakfast and good conversation was provided for me, but while I was in the shower and dressing, I found out later the goodwill of breakfast was just a ploy to distract me. The two evil ones were actually out taking pictures of how they were waiting on me. Never mind whose fault it was I was “late.”







As you can see below, as I was getting ready, my newest girlfriend (Maggie is on the stairs) was upset that I am leaving her so soon.







So off to the beach Nerdy Jamie and I went. There was quite a storm surge ahead of the incoming storm, and the waves were rather spectacular! They were pounding the bottom of the pier.













At the beach, in typical San Diego style, they had turned a big tree into a Christmas tree with beach balls. It was actually pretty cool looking.










Off to get my sand and water:











I took a moment to steel myself for what I was going to do and also had to ask myself: “What the hell are you thinking!!!???”




Nerdy Jamie had to get to work so I set off to the gas station to fill up and get my start receipt. Time stamp: 07:28. Start my timer! Through town and on to I-8.


Beautiful weather, check!


Clear day, check!


Great temperature for riding! CHECK


I’m on my way!


Shortly out of town I came across this beast:




It was huge! As I got close, I discovered it was a giant in-ground fiberglass pool.


My first phone call was from Gleno, who didn’t believe I was on the bike. He felt I must be at a Waffle House hitting on a waitress. I guess that Autocom works too well!


I really wasn’t surprised that Gleno called, but my next call gave me goose bumps:


Our very own British moderator Boffin was on the line. We chatted for a bit, and after we hung up, I was just still in disbelief. That someone would take the trouble to give me a shout was not too surprising from this group of folks. But that someone in another country would do so, costing quite more than a penny or two was pretty amazing.


“WOW, this is cool!!!” I yelled into my helmet.



I had taken this picture early in the day, and I thought it would be part of my ride tale of woe, since I was taking this on alone. 50CC_056.jpg



However, that wasn’t the case for this trip at all.



I got a few more calls throughout the day, and I had a nice mental list of who called for a while, but as more calls started in the evening, I started to lose track. By dark, I had gotten quite a few calls! Another very memorable call was from Randy (AXABMW) also in England. He told me about his iron Butts in Europe. In fact, I’m glad he hasn’t sent me a bill for his entertainment services throughout the trip, as he called several times and we talked for a while. I’d hate to see that phone bill!!!


Cruising though New Mexico, while on the phone with AXABMW, I happened across the only real close call with receiving a performance award. I blew into a construction zone without thinking much about it. I was due for gas, and was more concerned about that. The V1 screamed instant on, and I looked at my speed. Hmmm, 72. No problem. I saw brake lights and the patrol car started back across the freeway. He got hung up in the median and I was exiting for gas. Just at the exit I noticed a speed limit sign: 55!!! Uh-oh! Well, I’ll just exit anyway. I found the gas station and kept talking as I filled up. I saw A patrol car but he didn’t seem to be looking for me. I’ll never know if that cop turned around for me, or just to go get gas himself.



As it got dark, the temp dropped rather quickly.


In the middle of nowhere, it was just me and the trucks:










And a whole lot of my friends who kept me entertained over the phone.



My plan, if there was such a thing, was to just drive until I got tired and stop for 4 hours. I figured as I was riding that Junction might make a good stop point. That would put me into the ride enough to know how my pace was, yet I shouldn’t be too tired. Halfway would be 1187 miles, and if I was close to that, and just stopping for the first stop, that would give me a little cushion. Nerdy Jamie (KMG_365) posted (my finally starting to form) plan after he talked with me in the afternoon, and Whip figured that was only 100 miles from his place. He called and insisted I stay at his place, even if they weren’t home. So I plugged his address into my trusty GPS and it planned on a 03:30 arrival.


By 20:00 or so my dash was doing a new thing, at least new to me. The temp. came up with a snowflake flashing. I reached into the tank bag and gave the Gerbings a little crank. I knew it was too damn cold when I couldn’t get any water out of my camelback. The tube had frozen solid!


I did stop in Junction for gas and a warm-the-body stop. I had a little coffee and a muffin at 02:30. I also had two cigarettes, as smoking on the bike had become problematic when the temperature got below 30.


I got to Whip’s at around 03:50 CST. As I walked up to the back door, his FIVE dogs were waiting for me. They treated me like I was an old best friend they hadn’t seen in a while. I had never met them, but that didn’t seem to matter to them. It was all tongues and tails for a few minutes until they calmed down a bit. As many of you know, I am a huge dog lover, so I was in heaven! Whip had told me where to find the bed, and to “close the door or the dogs will try to crawl in bed with ‘cha.”


“Well, what if I want them in the bed with me?”


“Well, that’s fine.”




So I gave the dogs a treat, started a load of laundry, checked in on the DB, and then off to bed the six of us went. I planned on about a 5-6 hour stop, but since I had gone 1260 before my fist stop, I felt pretty confident. I only had about 1100 or so to go. So I set the alarm for 09:00 (4 hours.)I slept pretty well for a little while, but then the thought of being too tired and oversleeping started to creep into my head somewhere. (I know, there is plenty of room in there.) Strangely, after a couple of hours, I started waking up in starts, looking to see if I hadn’t heard the alarm! I did hear the alarm at 09:00, and woke up alone. I guess Whip’s dog sitter had come and gotten the dogs, but he had to lure them out with treats. I guess they had a good time too!


I guess a lot of folks didn’t realize how late I’d stopped, so as I learned later, there was quite a bit of concern that I’d overslept!


During my stop, sometime in the morning my voice mailbox had filled up. I only had room for a few messages anyway, as I had a lot of saved work messages I needed to keep. I couldn’t really check or delete messages so it stayed full the rest of the trip. This worked out just fine for me, as I couldn’t really dial out and return messages safely anyway, but it was pretty frustrating to folks trying to call.


I loaded up the bike and was on the road around 10:00. I got a quite few calls right away, expressing concern for oversleeping. I also discovered Gleno was trying to get the State Patrol to arrest me. AND Whip was trying to get Gleno to call the Sherriff and tell them someone had broken into his house. It’s great having those kinds of friends!


I also had my first threesome that morning. Phil and Jamie (1 & 2 BMWfans) called and were on separate phones. Interesting conversation and, later, nervous laughter was had by all!


Off to Houston, and possible traffic problems. Actually it wasn’t too bad, and sooner than I knew it, I was out of Texas! clap.gifthumbsup.gif


At this point my camera batteries died, and I wasn’t about to take the time to change them, so the pictures are few and far between until Florida. Of course, most of this trip was in the dark, so there wouldn’t be many more anyway.


The phone calls seemed to come in clumps, and I’d go a long time between and then get a flurry of calls. It was awesome getting to talk to so many folks. In fact a lot of them I hadn’t even met yet!


Then came the state of Louisiana! This place cost me hours! First was construction. One lane for miles, which wasn’t really a problem. However the merge was apparently too much for all the cars and boneheads in them so I finally let my Ca. habits take over and started splitting lanes. Most people were actually pretty nice about it. Sage Rider was trying to help with detours, but I was nowhere near an exit anyway.


Then there was a horrific fatal accident. Thankfully it was westbound, but it had the eastbound traffic stacked up for many miles.


During the day, I had been firming up the days plans. (That was as good a time as any right?) If not for the Louisiana debacle, I would be in Tallahassee by midnight, in time for PRC to meet and escort me through town. I kept getting pushed back. The GPS was saying 01:00 by this point, and I wasn’t going to make up much time. Pete agreed to stick around after his shift, so I still planned on hooking up for some fine southern cooking at a Waffle House!


Then Louisiana gave me my parting gift. Thick, Soupy, FOG. I was down to 30-40 miles per hour for over an hour. My frustration grew, however, I had plenty of calls to keep me entertained, and I knew better than to allow it to cloud my judgment, which might already be a little impaired. I was on a mission to meet Pete at the Waffle house, but I just kept getting pushed back.


About this time my GPS started giving me a hard time. The touch screen apparently decided it wasn’t getting enough attention and decided to take matters into its own hands, so to speak. It began touching itself, right in the center of the screen. It became possessed as it learned it liked it! So after a little time of its self gratification, it would go into screen calibration mode. So I had a blue screen with no information. Luckily the voice and directions were still active, but changing anything on the fly was out of the question. If I cycled power it would be okay for a short while.


I stopped in Mobile, Alabama for gas, and had a great “moment” with some young riders:


I pulled in and as I was filling up, a pick-up truck pulled in with a sport bike in the back and three teens/twenty-something guys in it. They got out and were kind of sneering and pointing at my bike. I started up a conversation and they said they had never heard of BMW making motorcycles. They were asking about it, and when I told them how many horsepower it was the sneers started melting a bit. I felt like I really hadn’t really earned enough respect yet, so I though out the Ace card I was holding:


“Yea, it really is a great bike. I just left San Diego yesterday morning.”


The sound of chins hitting the ground was rather loud and very satisfying!


Everything changed at the point. The questions became a rapid fire ordeal now, with them stepping all over each other to get the next one out.


“Where could I get one of those?” “How much are they?” etc.


I left grinning and feeling good!!!


I gave Pete a call at the designated place so he could roll out to the edge of town. Just as I came over a hill into town, he was making the u-turn in the median. I flashed my lights and he just kept rolling. We took off through Tallahassee like we had somewhere to be. It was quite amusing to slow up for some bonehead parked in the left lane, then watch them get a little help to remember to get the hell out of the left lane. It truly was a highlight of the trip, and one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do on a motorcycle. We exited at the other side of town and I couldn’t get the damn silly grin off my face.


Pete had somehow talked two other Deputies from the night shift into joining us for breakfast, so the four of us sat and ate, and they kept me laughing my butt off.


I sat there for way to long (2 flippin’ HOURS!) enjoying myself, when it occurred to me, I still had a way to go! Since I had decided to just push on through, I was fine on time, but wasn’t willing to risk getting the “hare” syndrome any longer. I felt confident, but didn’t want to blow it so close to the end.


We ended the gathering and I headed of to the Atlantic Ocean.


I had forgotten to get my phone out of the tank bag, so while I was goofing off, Bill (Road Scholar) had decided to stay up all night and head west hoping to catch me out in the rain and fog to give a full formation landing, pattern and all!


Unfortunately, I had no idea. Dave finally gave up and started back east. He finally got through and we figured out where we could meet west of Jacksonville. Since I had left California, the Florida gang had developed quite a little network/phone tree. They had at this point taken care of all kinds of details that I wouldn’t be capable of doing on the move anyway.


I pulled in to the Waffle House to meet Bill, and after quick greeting, he informed me he had everything else set up for meeting Matt (VStrom) and Danny (Huzband) at yet another Waffle House. Dave took this one before we hit the road again.






Things became somewhat of a blur after this. Not because I was tired, but I was just so taken care of I kind of zoned out a bit. It was so nice not to worry about anything but following Bill.


Bill took some more pictures on the fly after we picked up the other wingmen.













We arrived at the Shell Station I was going to use for the final stop and I started filling up.






06:58!!!!! 44.5 hours to the minute. Not bad for losing so much time in Louisiana and a two hour goof off breakfast!





I did it!!!! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif







I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Matt and Bill are celebrating with me:







It kind of captures how I felt on the trip. I really felt surrounded by all of Y’all.


So we went to the fire station to get witnessed:






where my tank bag was “discovered” while I got my paperwork out:





(I do have pictures, and will post the “making of” at some point soon. I just wanted to get this tale done before I started any others.)


Bernie joined us at the fire station:






Getting signed off:





We stood and chatted out in the parking lot of the fire station for a minute, and Matt produced a congratulatory cigar for me! Then we headed for the beach for me to “truly” finish my ride:












Collecting my Atlantic sand:








And water:







Another shot I really like:







I have officially done it!!!





So we headed out to breakfast:






Then off to Danny’s house. He finally set off for work, and I finally got some sleep. When I woke up, I found him with red paint in has hand looking guilty. I’m not sure, but I think he was trying to change the colors on the bikes in the hopes I’d jump on his RT in my fatigued state and leave the GT there.






Nice try Danny…


I was treated like a King at Casa Huzband and then to a great dinner out. After dinner it was off for some wine at Matt’s shop. I had an incredible time with the Florida crew, and took off the next morning feeling incredibly good.


Although I did suffer from PTBS (Post Traumatic Butt Syndrome,) I had to get up to south Georgia, so off I went.


Mark and Christine (Stretchmark and Hoon Tang) had made the mistake of inviting me to come visit while I was there. I took the opportunity to visit some Cousins in Gainesville, and Lawrenceville so I headed over to the Davis home in the north Atlanta area.


We went to a party they were committed to, which turned out to be quite interesting! Most folks were in suits, and all I had was shorts and a t-shirt. I got a few looks, but most people were pretty nice about my choice of attire.


Most of the truck ride back was documented elsewhere, but I had a great time hooking up with Whip and Eric Foerster in Texas and Tom (azkaisr) in Pheonix.












So, you might ask: what was worth all that?


Well, here is most of the stuff I brought back:




I don’t a picture, but I also have the matching bed to the dresser above.












And the main piece that got its own 100 cubic feet of room all alone:








I hope you enjoyed my ride tale, and again, I apologize that it took me over a month to get this finished. (I don’t’ know how you ride tale masters do it, this took me at least 16-20 hours to put together!) Thanks again to everyone for one of the single most incredible things I’ve ever been a part of. I don’t mean the ride, but the worldwide love I felt from all of Y’all!!!


As my final thought: Since I pulled this off pretty easily I’d like to know:










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Lessee, who are you again? I vaguely remember somethin' 'bout some putz being too cheap to fly so he rode. But, it seems so "months" ago. Hmmm. Guess it really was just yur "15 minutes of fame." Too bad. loser.gifcrackup.gif

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You da Man!!!!


My dogs haven't been the same since.


They miss ya.








Long live "King Richard" thumbsup.gif


My cats haven't either....something aint right.


But I am glad to call you a friend Richard and am proud of ya too!


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Richard, Nice ride tale and a great adventure. I would've done even less, but I think the lack of pre-planning added to the suspense.


We had a great time on this end, and would do it again in a minute.


For a few days you were an accidental ambassador for this group and everyone really enjoyed being along on the journey. One more time, you are the man (were). grin.gif


Bill (you can call me Dave) grin.gif

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It was my pleasure to meet you during this fine event....I hope to mirror your accomplishment someday.


Oh, and BTW, the rookie who was in training that night(so many months ago) is now out on his own and is now my zone partner now that I'm back in Patrol! He asks about you from time to time. You have inspired him to ride a 50CC too!


Again, I say well done to my new friend! clap.gifclap.gif

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Hey Richard,


Thanx for sharing. What a great ride tale; sounds like an adventure that i'm going to try one of these days. I'll be callen for advice.............

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sounds like an adventure that i'm going to try one of these days


If you come through Tallahasse, I'll give you better treatment as we tend to favor the ladies down here lmao.gif!


Seriously, I'd be honored to be the designated final approach fix for Jax on your trip.

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It's not weak, and no apologies needed. Wow. Just wow. I cheered in the cheerleader thread, but this brought so much more into your accomplishment. Congrats!

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Great tale! It put a smile on my face first thing this morning, that and Whip's story of how his housekeeper found you asleep in your gear in the dog pile. grin.gif

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Well, well, well.


Look who finally crawled out of the woodwork.


I guess you're just living up to your 'well deserved" rep for being late. grin.gif


Good story, Richard. Even if you can't remember who led you into Jax.


I admire anyone(even you)that can pull off a ride like that.


Poor Whip, though.


Little does he know he's about to get a visit from this coast. wave.gif



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Nice ride tale, to accompany the original story. While that was a good 'feet to complete' I wonder if we haven't heard the 'rest of the story'.


Those appear like some nice pieces of furniture (especially the cabinet that got its own 100 sqft). So did it all arrive home safely? And what are you going to do with it all? Aside from sentimental value, some of those pieces may be of large monetary value.


Oh, and it was great chatting with you across Texas...


Mike O

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Well done. thumbsup.gif

Please allow me to tell you what it was like on the other end of the phone.

First, just hearing you answer was reassuring.

Second, it was obvious that you were having a GREAT time.

Third, being a vicarious participant was inspirational and will/has result(ed) in other members exploring their LD boundaries.

So, THANK YOU, for allowing us to be a part of this. wave.gif

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You da Man!! Richard. Great job! Thanks for the write up even though it was a little LATE. grin.gif


I think Late and Richard are Synonymous. lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Luv ya man wink.gif

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It was great to hear the surprise in your voice when I called. I just felt the need to be a part of the ride in a vicarious way.



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"Poor Whip, though.


Little does he know he's about to get a visit from this coast."



I'm lookin forward to it.....fresh meat for the Labs.







Killers supervisor

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.....I agree...he moves about as fast as chilled molasses! lmao.gif
Not when he is on the bike. A CC50 in 44 hours is not THAT slow! thumbsup.gif


No doubt on fast he is on his motor, it's just that he moves about a fast as a glacier getting TO the motor..this is what we are commenting on.

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I read the little ditty you posted...nice story, however, the molasses in that story was above freezing...plus that much volume would move quick...even if it was quick drying "C" ment! Had a girlfriend like that, too much volume, once she got started, she couldn't stop...lmao.gif

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Thanks for taking the time to get it done. thumbsup.gif


Jamie and I are the ones who had to put up with his writing it!!!!!


Granted, we were over half the way to Boulder City before he got started but then again, that is the Richard we all know and "love." In a sheepish sort of way.





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Yeah, now I feel bad for "wasting" my 1000th post on that... smile.gif


Yes, Phil, you and HotJamie are saints for that. True saints.










(one of you anyway. lmao.gif)

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Awesome write up. Congratz on pulling off one of the toughest/most rewarding trips to do on a moto. It's one of the things I keep saying I will do, but keep putting off. When I do, I'm going to be referencing this write up. thumbsup.gif

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Been trying to catch up; dry up the tears, etc., etc. and finally got a chance to read about your trip. I'll echo what Brian said, down to the fact that I'm going to do that one day and I'll be looken for pointers. It's so awesome that you just grabbed the opportunity and ran (or rode) with it!!

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For those of you planning to do one of these, I'm posting my stops and costs for the 50CC part of the trip:


Control # City Bike Milage Miles Date Time (zone) Reason for Stop Gas Qty. Cost


1 San Diego, Ca. 19,441 0 12/12/06 07:28 PST Gas/Start 2.519 6.8

2 Yuma, Az. 19,626 185 12/12/06 10:51 MST Gas 5.028 12.77

3 Casa Grande, Az. 19,793 167 12/12/06 12:30 MST Gas 5.066 11.85

4 Casa Grande, Az. 19,793 0 12/12/06 13:03 MST Food Roast Beef 6.63

5 Lordsburg, Nm. 20,008 215 12/12/06 16:26 MST Gas ? 12.56

6 Sierra Blanca, Tx. 20,256 248 12/12/06 20:16 CST Gas 5.578 14.5

7 Ft. Stockton, Tx. 20,407 151 12/12/06 23:25 CST Gas 4.075 11

8 Ozana, Tx. 20,516 109 12/13/06 01:10 CST Food Sandwich 2.43

9 Junction, Tx. 20,606 90 12/13/06 02:49 CST Gas 5.558 15

9A San Antonio, Tx. 20,701 95 12/13/06 04:20 CST Sleep Sleep 0

10 Leon Springs, Tx. 20,704 3 12/13/06 10:32 CST Gas 2.842 6.7

11 Houston, Tx. 20,931 227 12/13/06 14:35 CST Gas 5.464 12.4

12 Beaumont, Tx. 21,007 76 12/13/06 17:12 CST Food ChBrgr 5.83

13 Baton Rouge, La. 21,184 177 12/13/06 18:30 CST Gas 5.878 13.75

14 Malbis, Al. 21,400 216 12/13/06 22:08 CST Gas 5.603 14

15 Tallahassee, Fl. 21,637 237 12/14/06 02:45 EST Food Pancake 11.99

16 Tallahassee, Fl. 21,637 0 12/14/06 03:56 EST Gas 6.361 15.9

17 Jacksonville, Fl. 21,815 178 12/14/06 06:58 EST Gas/Finish 4.335 10.1


Total miles:2374

Total time: 44.5 Hours

Gas used: approxamately 63.607 gallons(One stop I had to go in to get a receipt, but it didn't have the gallons on it)

Total Cost (including food, but not food I had with me) $157.33


Avg. speed 53 m.p.h.


So that's basically 13 stops, not counting start and end points and dual stops (food/gas and sleep/gas)

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