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Radar Detector LED Lights...


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I have an Escort on a mount in the right mirror hole on my 1200RT so when it lights up it's not always noticable...Don't want helmet speaker...Have heard about an LED accessory light system that plugs into the Excort and could be mounted somewhere closer to my forward vision..

Anyone aware of where to get this system?





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Thanks Eric, Charlie and Tim........I just ordered the LED lights from Marc Parnes...I think this is what I'm looking for.......



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"Important Warning: Due to the brightness of the Visual Alert it is essential that the detector be turned off or the Visual Alert be disconnected in low-light conditions. Failure to do so could result in temporary reduced vision possibly resulting in an accident. It is the owner's responsibility to use the Visual Alert in a safe manner. "


Interesting. I bet you can just can the angle or maybe place a filter over the LED...like masking tape or something.


For folks with the H.A.R.D. system, I highly recommend getting the 2032 batteries off ebay, in bulk. Mine ran 25 cents each when I grabbed 40. At Staples, I think they were $2.50 each. lurker.gif



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Eff, what I do for night time usage is to turn down the pot on the remote audio unit(V-1). This reduces the intensity of the LED's

The red LED's do not affect your vision but it is a pain/distracting to have it blasting into your eye(s).

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