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garmin gps mount


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My new 2730 arrived today from Costco. I need to know what is the best way to mount the unit to my bike. I plan on adding a tank bag and a radar detector in the spring, and don't want to paint myself into a corner and have to buy additional mounts later on to replace a bad choice now. any thoughts???



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I had my 2610 and now my ZUMO mounted on the GPS mount at hawksprodcuts.com. Absolutely LOVE it ... does not vibrate much, and the perch is high enough so it's a very comfortable scan while you're driving.


Good luck!!

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IMHO, the absolute best mount for an 1150RT is the "Bracket Kit IV Deluxe" from Gadget Guy:




It's expensive (right at $300), but absolutely rock solid, and up in your line of sight. His website is >HERE<.


Another decent option is the Copilot Shelf System from BMR Products. There website is >HERE<. Still a solid mount, and less pricey.


Personally, I'd avoid the RCU shelf for the 1150RT at all costs. There's too much vibration when used with a GPS. I broke two mounts on my SP3 when using an RCU shelf.


RAM mounts are also rock solid, and pretty cost effective. But it's harder to get the electronics up in your line of sight. They're available in many places, including >Cycle Gadgets<.

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+1 on the Gadget Guy mounts. Like others here, I tried other mounts before springing for the GG mount. Learn from us, and don't waste your money on anything less.

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I had the Gadget Guy mount on my R1150RT. Rock solid and positioned perfectly. The GPS and V-1 fit on it perfectly.

Highly recommended.


And if you really get bitten by the farkle bug, he also sells an adapter that lets you add an XM or Sirius mount.

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