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Just received my GXM30 and am now considering the "best" way to mount it on the bike. Options I see are:


1 - On top of brake reservoir on handlebars

2 - On top of topcase


Any one have better or different ideas? Thanks.

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I've been pondering the same thing since the 2730 arrived in January. I use the Garmin in my truck for work as well and I'd like to have XM in/on both vehicles. I'm contemplating putting a velcro landing pad on the plastic surface in front of the left side of the handlebars. It should be fairly horizontal and not obscured from above. And the cable run to the unit will be short. Leaving the cable coiled up, I can place it on the dash of the truck next to the unit. But since I don't have an autocom yet, I haven't done anything. Please post pics of your solution!

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Finding a location for those things can be a problem; was for me. I finally fabricated my own, actually designed it and had it done. I didn't want to mount it to the brake reservoir in case I wanted to get to it. I designed a stainless steel mount that uses the open rear view mirror hole and has a plate that sits just above the reservoir. The wires can then be neatly routed and the install looks nice and clean. It actually looks pretty good and still swings out of the way if you need to get to the brake fluid. I'm not good a adding pictures; but, I may try to post something tomorrow to show.

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I have mine here...






The pics used to come larger but it seems you have to 'click' on the image to get a better view.

The 'base' is high density steel to take the max advantage of the magnetic base in the antenna...it has never moved.




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So did you get different screws which go through the mount directly and also secure the brake resevoir? That's the way it looks.


Also, where did you find the steel base?



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Hi Mike, I found the steel in the scrap heap at a friends shop, he ran it on the lathe for me...and you are correct, (good eyes!), I used some new longer screws with some small diameter aluminum tube cut to lengh as spacers. Took some trial and error to get all 4 screws and tubes the correct length so the base sat pretty much level. Not that it is necessary, mostly to appease my OCD, (as in obsessive compulsive disorder crazy.gif).



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Very nice install!! I like the idea of using a location that is already there and unused...


I really don't find it neccessary to access my brake fluid, or clutch fluid for that matter more than once a year, just to check levels. And when I do get the urge to look in there, I just have the same 4 screws to remove, same as normal.


The screws are just slightly longer so I guess it does take a couple of seconds more to wind them out thumbsup.gif.



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