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Schuberth C2 with latest Type B Autocom headset


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I've just replaced my Concept with a C2 and have come to fit the my Autocom headset. In comparison to fitting it to the Concept the C2 is a pig!!! The headset is the latest 7 pin version with the separate background noise cancelling microphone (BGNS, it really works!!!). Those nice guys at Autocom have advised fitting the BGNS mic in the gap where the sun visor drops down but have warned that it might mean the visor doesnt drop down fully. Anyone out there fitted this headset to a Schuberth C2 themself? Where did you mount the BGNS mic? Did you find dismantling the helmet, peeling back the liners and fitting the speakers as difficult as I appear to be finding it!

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Well if its any help, my C1 looked like it was going to be a bear to fit the 'Active 7" unit but in the end it wasn't so bad.


I absolutly love the drop down sun visor. We have a few tunnels here and with sunglasses on it meant poping up the shield, pulling the sunglasses down enough to look over them to see where the heck everyone went. Not to mention that big frigging piece of black re-tread lying in the middle of your lane...


Then of course you have all the dust and debris flying into your face as well.


Anyway you get the point, love the sun visor.



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When Autocom fitted the BGNS into my BMW System IV flip-up, it was down at the bottom right of the face aperature (looking AT the helmet)not at the top right.

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