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Bottom bliss at last.....sigh


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Took delivery of Touratech replacement riders seat for R1200RT... bliss. Feels like my buttocks are being caressed compared to the stock seat.


So thanks to everyone who sent me pics and info to help me decide which seat to buy.


Now all I need to know is...who in BMW do I send the bill too... surely they should cough up some cash for replacing an original seat that was 'not fit for purpose' :-)


I know many people are happy with their stock seat, but, at 6'1 and 15 stone, while I might be on the larger end of the spectrum for R12RT riders I cant believe I am totally atypical. And it seems to be us larger guys who have had the most problems with discomfort. When I was in Germany last year there were a lot of simialr sized riders so I can't believe German behinds are that dissimilar.....

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