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Regional settings for radio

Stephen H

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I have just taken delevery of my 07 RT (after 35,000 trouble free miles on my trade) .... anyways, the stereo will not tune into my local radio stations ... it will only tune into stations that end in odd numbered frequencies (ie 98.1 next is 98.3 etc) it will not tune to 98.2, 98.4 etc ... my old RT stereo was fine


I am sure that that I have read here in the past that there are some regional settings for the stereo (Nth America / Europe etc) ... I have searched the forum .. but cannt find it


Can anyone please help ?

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Thank you heaps ........ that link took to what I remembered .... I followed the instructions it contained, changed my setting from USA to Oceania and "Wella" its all fixed


Thanks again

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