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Madison County ride


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I want to thank Bill and Bernie for planning a ride on such great roads. I've never ridden there before but would definately go back. We even got our pictures taken and should be in the local newspaper there. A fun day and 544 miles. thumbsup.gif

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Anytime guys, as long as it's the first Saturday of the month. grin.gif Got a few good shots of you Rich, they're on the way.


It was one of those days where you wanted to just keep riding.



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Bill, Were you the one that wanted to ride in the back so you could go faster? grin.gif


Did anyone notice the white BMW station wagon with the Tree Hugger decal and the fellow waving at us. I didn't get a good look but Bernie says it was the one and only "Dr. Curve". Too bad he was driving.


Danny, see ya next time.

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That's his wife's car, so he takes it easy in it.

Hope you had fun exploring the eastern edge of our loop circuit.

As per your agreement, publish no road numbers, don't post pictures with road numbers in them, and fergawshsakesaleyeveuh don't try to pass Jim when he's on 2 wheels. eek.gif


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Tim, That is so nice over there, its about the western tip of our range for a day. It's like a whole other country, I think I'll just leave it at that. grin.gif We ought to try for a lunch rendezvous one day.


Don't worry, we'd never catch him, much less attempt a pass.


We were having lunch in the Yellow Pine and the owner comes over and says I have a phone call, which is odd because no one else knows we're eating there. It was the editor of the newspaper (word travels fast in those parts) and he wanted to do a story on us with a photo in front of the courthouse. We're making uncomfortable jokes about being set up for sting operation, but warily agreed. It turned out to be painless, so far, we'll see. For the photo, he had us write our names in order for the article.

After reviewing the list I noticed in about the middle the name Miguel Duhammel, we did have one clown on an ST1300. grin.gif

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