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Rear brakes locking


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Denise has 54,000 miles on her 94 R1100RS. She complained about the rear brakes locking. I doubted it since the bike is equipped with ABS. I noticed the ABS fault light flashing and couldn't get it to reset. I have ridden the bike several times since she complained, no problems. Well today while approaching an intersection,I lightly applied the brakes and the rear locked. It is my understanding the brakes should work normaly even if the ABS is not functioning properly, obviously this is not the case. Any ideas on how to rectify the problem before someone gets hurt? Any help woukd be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dee confused.gif

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The rear caliper has pins on which the pads float. It is not unusual for those pins to corrode causing the pads to stick in place. The result, even if the caliper piston is functioning properly is that the pads don't retract. They may even wear in a pattern that will cause them to wedge against the disc, which sounds like your problem.


Pick up a new set of pads and, when you remove the caliper, inspect and clean the pins. A little Scotchbrite pad folded over the pin with the pin in a drill motor can do a quick job.


On assembly, coat the pins lightly with copper anti-seize. Not so much for the slide but as a corrosion preventer.

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I would add only one thing to Ed's (aka Cheapass wink.gif) post.

Given the mileage on the bike, I would install new mounting hardware (anti rattle spring and pins). For yours it's around $10..... thumbsup.gif!


Then again, I am entirely anal grin.gifgrin.gif

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I want to thank you for your quick response. That seems like a pretty easy fix. I'll get right on it.Thanks Ed, and Phil. Chris K, call appreciated I'll try to touch base later today. wave.gif

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