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Cedar Key III Photos


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We had a great time.

Despite temperatures as low as 26 degrees on Saturday, riders from all over the state showed up.





Most on BMW's.




Stories were told,


tires were kicked,




local craft work admired,


sock monkey made many new friends,


an example of the island's architecture



dinner was served (eventually grin.gif)to the 20 folks who stayed overnight,


after gale force winds and overnight rain the morning arrived,


bags were packed,


and a happy group set off with old friends and new memories. cool.gif

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What a BLAST!!!! Thanks for setting this all up! You da man!


And for all those who have never met the man behind the plans, here he is.....(viewer descretion advised!! lmao.gif






Again, thank you! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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Another excellent Cedar Key event. Sorry I missed the lunch crew. But I did arrive in time for dinner/dancing and an overnight stay. About 15 Tampa folks showed up for this (and nearly 100 total), now a regular BMWST.com happening. thumbsup.gif

Well done, Tim.

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This was my first trip and what a wonderful time. Thanks Tim for helping me remember that you GOT to put the side stand down first................ Look forward to many more. Will plan on spending the night next time. Great photos. Hope to get Dig. camera by next year. David Farcas ragman@wildblue.net

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Thanks for all your efforts and organization. It was worth every hour we spent in the 20 degree weather on Saturday morning blush.gif

Did anyone see the van parked on the street Saturday night that was painted with this message. Elvis Impersonator and traveling disk jockey and then in small letters NOTARY SERVICE lmao.giflmao.gifI wish I had a picture of that!!

Good meeting many new people and I hope everyone got home safe. thumbsup.gif

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