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Chronicles of the Unemployed...


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SO, What!?!


I had written off the day early in the morning, typically I'm up by 7am... today it was work getting out of bed at 8:30a. I was tired and sore from Sunday's motorcycle work at the triathlon... 2 hours of maneuvering around hundred of bicyclists, cars, and traffic cones. Anyway, I digress.


Had errands to run, mostly needed to visit the PO Box to see if my new plate had arrived yet. The rest of the day would be determined from what sat at the PO. A short hop to fill up the tank and off we run to SFO... to find nothing but junk in the box. My attention wasn't required... but the weather is waaay too nice. Hmmmm, what should one do?


It all started with a quick run to the coast, a particular road that runs from San Bruno to Pacifica gives me HUGE WOOD just thinking about the hundreds of times I've ridden it. Nice, short, sweet, lots of leaning.... speed limits that are stoopud, and 2 lanes going each direction. I'm flying, not with speed, but physically flying as I let my entire body work with the RS around these magestic curves. The last curve throws a slippery squiggle in the middle, not sure what it was (felt like grease), but the RS simply kept on heading for the exit of the turn... seemed to only upset me.


I've decided that a run down route 1 to Santa Cruz, then a hop back up route 9 toward my house was just what I needed. The weather couldn't be better! Route One is beautiful here, scenery wise, the road is a relaxing ride, and a great time to view how beautiful the world is today.


I stop at "my spot" - always have to pull off at the same place every time... Cary and I have been here... Sam and I have been here... and anytime I pass I stop whether alone or with someone else. The view is the best (see below).






As I progress closer and closer to Santa Cruz, the stomach is asking for attention... but I can't bear to stop. I'm having too much fun soaking it all in, why stop now? It's only 2pm.


First, I see a couple of folks windsurfing off the coast. One is using a kite and surfboard... I've seen it done a couple times before, but with today's wind I find myself pulling off to watch how this guy does it. I'm also a wind and water person, sailing since I was 10, racing sailboats through college... and now I find myself drooling over how the sport has changed. I watch this guy go high into the air, once I swear I saw fear on his face... he was HIGH in the air! I think I've found my new sport! See the picture below, you can see how he's headed into the air... and having a blast.




As quickly as I enter Santa Cruz, I exit the town with a series of left turns that put me on my all time FAVORITE road - Route 9. I head into the redwoods, and up the twisty mountain road. I settle into a nice pace, my mind wanders into thoughts about this weekend's ride with "Master Yoda". I hear Yoda talking to me, helping me smooth out my riding, driving me towards increasing my comfort with the RS.


With each turn, comes a larger smile - I remember back to Gleno and Tom Roe laughing at the Texaco Station in Boulder Creek last year... Wurty sporting HUGE WOOD... Agent 86 enjoying every last curve... Billie Mensch and Luky chasing me up and down the mountain with loud giggles coming out of their helmets. This is my favorite road. I'm always at home here. Really more like the road owns me, demands my attention, it's rythmic curves allow me to dance within the redwood trees....


I hit the peak (at Skyline Road) and continue down route 9 into Saratoga. It's twisty, tight at places, and still fun. The road is rough in some areas, so keeping my "smooth pace" has definite benefits. It's been a long time since I've ridden this portion of route 9, so a couple of turns threw some surprises in there... nothing that the RS and I couldn't handle, but a little headshaking from the pilot afterwards... lesson learned. Seems I still have so much to learn about this machine...


After a quick stop to talk with a dear friend about where life is headed and to listen to his words whisper their way across the beautiful landscape that surrounded us... I said my goodbyes and disappeared into the green trees that line Foothill Expy... huge smile on my face, satisfying ride behind me, words of encouragement embraced within my heart, and many more days of happiness ahead.


Life is good...



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Thanks Kris!! As always, nicely said.


Makes me want to quit my job and ride and ride and ride......

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Now there is an idea worth persuing.




I need to see that view. Will be there in sept./oct. It looks great!!!!!!

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Life sure is rough for the unemployed...except for YOU! What a great place to live with time to ride, reflect, and live. The hard part will be when you're not unemplyed...hard for you, but also for those of us who get off reading your chronicles. Do us a favor - take lots of rides, store up lots of chronicles, then dole them out a little at a time later on. One of these days I'll ride up there and enjoy some of those roads with you.

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OK I'm a little confused about the apparent free time and world class motos coming and going from your unemployed (?) life but that's just envy speaking wink.gif ... get out there and put in all the miles you can and please keep those great stories and world class pics coming laugh.gif

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Here's a map of where I went, and how...




Thanks for the comments...


Kathy, maybe you have an idea there? 2400+ members, $2/member per month... I ride and ride, tell stories, find roads... ya'll live vicariously through me for the mere $2/month??


Brian... no stealing my idea.


Marty... you come, the road is here... if I'm here, I'll happily show you and we'll even stop for lunch!


Howard... get yer butt up here, it's not that far!!


WURTY... I love you man! But, do I have to be starving?


Doug... don't ask those questions. They depress me. Need a LT??



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That is exactly what I was thinking! We just pay you a nominal fee to partake of your excellent stories, and bam! New career! Then you could get a tax write off for all your bike expenses as business expenses! Can you imagine!?


Thanks for the ride tale! Have been up that way myself (in a cage though) and it is pretty! Will have to attempt it on Charlie some day!


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Wow Kris, we must have just missed each other. I was in San Jose, ending a week long work/motorcycle journey. On Monday I left San Jose around 9:30am. I headed down 17 to Santa Cruz, up to half moon bay for a gas refill, then up to Ohlens Farm House for lunch, a quick visit to Pt Reyes Lighthouse, and then across to Peteluma, and down the east bay to get back to San Jose around 6pm. A wonderful day of riding.


I was doing a presentation at Usenix in Monterey last week. So I rode up the coast. Afterward I got to spend a couple days with my extremely overworked wife in San Jose, which lead to this ride. Today I just rode back to LA, but fell back to a straight run on the 101, since I've got to get back to work tomorrow. I need upload my pictures and make this trip into a ride tale.


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Kris, Tell me that the Ritz Carlton didn't build a hugh Hotel in Half Moon Bay. I probably wouldn't recognized the town any longer since I haven't been there for almost 25 years.


Oh, another suggesting, Early Retirement has a sweeter ring than unemployed, yah bum.



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OldRider said, “Oh, another suggesting, Early Retirement has a sweeter ring than unemployed, yah bum.”


I tell people that I am pursuing Entrepreneurial Activities rather than being unemployed. wink.gif




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Brant Herbert

One of these days I'll ride up there and enjoy some of those roads with you.color=blue>


Hey, Howard. Pick a (long) weekend. Let's go!!! crazy.gif I'm due for seeing something not-brown myself about now. smile.gif

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Are you are looking for a partners in that new business?


You better be careful as many of us are looking very carefully at what you are doing and may have ideas of getting in competition with you.


Let me know when you are trekking to the Chicken Ranch!

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Kris: Great ride tale. Have fun while employment challenged. smile.gif If you figure out how to make a career out of riding mortorcycles let the rest of us know. tongue.gif

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