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Decals for 1150RT


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I'm thinking about adding some diagonal stripes on the sides of my Black RT, maybe a white reflective 3 inch wide starting from the lower front of the fairing to the upper part towards the gas tank...then simialar matching stripe on the sides of the panniers. Any thoughts on this before I do it. Am I making a mistake or has someone done something similar that can proved pics of the design??

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Check with John (Motorman587). He's come up with a design for the work motors, maybe he'll shed some light on the process for ya.


BTW, I'll be down there Friday in time dinner and maybe a couple of adult beverages. If not Friday, definately Saturday!

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Let me know how the decals work out for you. I've got a black '04 1150RT also. I've thought about putting a couple of strips leading into the fake side air ducts that would add reflection at night.

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Here is what I came up with. Electric utilities use round decals to designate phases on their feeders. Silver and blue are a great match for the BMW colors.



I like the spacing on the back as well as it allows people to have a visual distance clue. We are aware that humans need two points of reference to get a clear distance and closing rate reference, right?

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I cut out some checkerboard pattern for a fellow riders K100RT that we put down the entire side of his bike. It looked pretty good.


Let me know if I can help in anyway.


On my GS, I replaced the decals on the tank with the 3M Reflective sheeting and obviously covered the back of my saddle bags and helmet.


Take a look.





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WOW.....that is a bad *ss luggage setup. I could disappear for months at a time with that kind of storage. Also, do you remember where that pic was taken?

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I like those stickers Lineareagle. Where can I get those? I like Quins idea of a reflective stripe from the front of the fairing to the "airducts" on the sides. Is there a trick to sticking stuff to the black unpainted panniers since it has an orange peel texture to it?

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Is there a trick to sticking stuff to the black unpainted panniers since it has an orange peel texture to it?


As long as you use the 3M Reflective Sheeting, you shouldn't have a problem with it sticking to the black saddle bags. Just be sure to clean the area with soap and water, then followed by isopropyl alcohol to ensure all dirt, oils, and waxes are removed. If you don't clean the area sufficiently, the corners will start to lift on you.


I've had the stickers on my GS for 4 years now with no problems at all. And I installed stickers on friends bikes as early as 2000 that are still sticking like new.


The picture above was taken on the Beartooth Highway in Montana.

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Thats funny, thats exactly where I thought it was from. I hit it in August of '05 on my way to CA. The pass was closed due to massive land slides, but I managed to take the chief joseph highway around the mountain the long way and then went up the other side of the pass so I could get up to the summit and take some pics. Perfect picture ops every 30 seconds or so. I can't wait to get back out there. I want to go back to Red Lodge and stay for a couple of days.

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OO, OO me too I want to come!

I had the same thing happen this last spring, arced around and took the Chief Joseph. Great man, fantastic ride. Where should we meet?



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I like those stickers Lineareagle. Where can I get those?

I should be able to get some from the line men I work with. PM me and I'll see if I can get them down to you. thumbsup.gif

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The're this photo - yellow on blue...


I got a little carried away, and toned it back to just the two the run to the ducts over the engine, and the one on the bag lids.


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Now that's what I'm thinking for the sides! Maybe white on black with some dashes in it and one matching on the sides of the bags! Was this an easy process to line up with no air bubbles and did you have to use a heat gun on the bag stripes after they were put on?

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As stated earlier - you want to use a good material. I did the fairing stripes with standard sign vinyl that I had kicking around. I cut the stripes by hand to see if I liked the way they looked before spending anything on the reflective material.


It was easy to apply - no bubbles... The trick is using a spray bottle of water with just a tiny bit of soap in it. You can squeegie the bubbles to the edges, and any little water bubbles that remain will eventually dissapear. (Air bubbles, OTOH, won't go away.) And the slightly soapy water makes the decal somewhat re-positionable while being applied.



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