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Accessory Plug and the CANBUS


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I have a rear accessory plug on my 06 RT. I'm thinking that is the easiest place to pick up keyed power to drive a relay for an auxilliary fuse panel. I believe however that the CANBUS will keep power to the accy plug for a set amount of time after key off if there's a draw on it. Does anyone know if a relay would be enough to cause this behavior. Thanks in advance.

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Interesting question. Going in the opposite direction (a standard charger plugged into the accessory port), the port seems to shut down about 30-90 seconds after the ignition is shut off.


But since this is an easy area to pull "keyed" power from, I would also like to hear the educated answer to your question.



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I am powering my add-on fuse block this way.


factory socket --> relay

battery ---> normally open relay contacts ---> fused distrobution block.



Works great. relay shuts down a minute-ish after I turn off the key.

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I use that exact same approach to trigger the relay for my items that I want to go off with the key (after the delay expires). No issues.

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I pick up power from the rear outlet for both the Escort and the Garmin. Both turn off about 30 seconds after key off so their power draw is not enough for the CANBUS to continue power on.

See ya. Bill

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I just finished up with this exact set-up on my ST. Relay is hooked into accessory socket and shuts down about 60 seconds or so after key off. Works perfectly!!



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Thank you all a bunch!!! thumbsup.gif Now all I need is for the Migsel gps mount I ordered last decade to be delivered. dopeslap.gif I'll try to take pictures when I get into this. I'll even try to take some of the work on the bike. lmao.gif

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