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avon storm st tires


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i just ordered a set of storm tires at sw moto the price $239 delivered. i went to a local yamaha dealer and the mechanic said he would put them on and it would take about an hour. cost...$80 so the total is $319 last time i went to the dealer he charged me $485 for a set of z6s installed. thanks for the heads up on sw moto

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thanks for the heads up on sw moto



I'm looking to buy the same tire from the same place.


I have the tire changer, just need to buy the balancer.

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Sounds like your dealer is a little steep on tires. I put my second set of Z6's on in September at BMW of Denver for $368 including tax, disposal, etc. Probably could have spent less buying online and shopping for mounting but it was painless to drop the bike off in the morning and have it done while I was at work. My RT came with Pilot Roads. I like the Z6's much better but think I will give the Avons a try on my next set.

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Count your blessings; I'm like "tater"; I was filing receipts while watching football this weekend and found one for $489.00 for two tires mounted & balanced at the Dealership where I bought my bike.


I strongly believe in supporting my Dealer but that's a lot of money for something you may do every every 6-8 months. Besides, I truly enjoy working on the bike anyway (even thou most of the time I rely heavily on this Board for how/what to do, especially "Ken H" (Ken Harbeck).


Purchased a Marc Pharnes "Balancer" http://www.marcparnes.com/ & Mitch's "Mojo" Lever & Stand http://mywebpages.comcast.net/prestondrake/mojostand_instructions.pdf.


The combination works well. thumbsup.gif

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