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Zumo antenna alternatives


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My Zumo 550 is on the way, but I downloaded the manual today and found that the XM antenna is a separate accessory priced at $235 from Garmin. Since I want to use the unit in my car as well as on the RT, that's pretty pricey just for antennas.


Apparently Garmin uses a mini USB connector that's somewhat unique for XM antennas. I've bought extra XM antennas in the past for my car and my bike for $35, and Garmin's price seems like highway robbery.


Does anyone know of an alternative?

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It's not just the antenna, it has the whole X-M radio, built in. The X-M radio is not part of the original Zumo

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/side note


Xm has an offer for current subsribers. They will give a complete radio with car kit for free. I might be doing it. They listed a Sports model for free and the Roady for $10.00. I believe the requirement is a 6 month subscription for close to $7 a month for the second thru fifth radio.


end side note\

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I got a brand new one on eBay for $187. Still a lot of money, but I love XM radio. You can also get the navtraffic service.


The XM radio interface on the Zumo is fantastic. You can browse the presets and see what is playing on other channels while listening to your current channel. The reception for the GXM-30 is also very good. With my old Roady 2, I could not get good reception with the antenna on the car dashboard. With the GXM-30, I just lay it on the dash and get great reception, even when driving north.

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Firstly it is not a usb, rather a connector close to an XM antenna but not quite. Doesn't matter, without the receiver built in, an antenna is useless. I did spring for a GXM30 and it is VG.

If you have a factory radio, you can plug it in directly and use the AUX source.


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I bought my antenna with my Zumo in a "custom bundle" and saved some money. You can find them online for less than $200, though.


My reception so far has been better than my SkiFi2 with the car kit mini-antenna. I have it temporarily attached to my BMR shelf but I think I may order the Garmin "trivet" mount.

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Just buy the GXM30 and don't look back.


You'll like it.


This is spot-on perfect advice. I SWORE I'd never spring for the GXM-30 as long as I could "simply" keep my Roady2 hooked up.


HOWEVER, once I started understanding and thinking: As stated above, the GXM-30 is not inexpensive because it IS the XM receiver and not just an antenna. It is also the NavTraffic and weather receiver. The reception is wonderful and the Zumo's XM interface is first-rate. I purchased mine for $190 at Comp-U-Plus; it's a bite but not an egregious bite. But most of all I DID purchase the Zumo, and realized that since I did acquire this premier piece of equipment I definitely wanted to take advantage of all the features it had to offer, and in a single compact package, and not have to concern myself with another peripheral (the XM Roady2). I just figured it was time to quit cutting off my nose to spite my face. I purchased the NavTraffic/weather package as well. Comes in handy here in the SF Bay Area!


BTW, for XM reception with your Zumo there is literally NO alternative to the GXM-30. You can get one of about 2 or 3 separate traffic antennas (which connect in the back of the Zumo) but you can't take a Roady antenna or another inexpensive antenna (primarily because, they're only antennas....).


Just go for it. You deserve it and with apologies to Shirley MacLaine, you only live once, right? thumbsup.gif

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