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Looking For The Old Man


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This is the spot where countless photos have been snapped of the profile of the Old Man of The Mountain in Franconia Notch State Park NH.


May 2003, gravity took its toll. This is all that remains of the poor old guy.


OK, so after drying our tears (just kidding) we decided to find some dirt. This is on Sandwichnotch Road.


These were on Old Cherry Mountain Road, just South of Jefferson NH . I'm the one with the black stitch.




These are along Rt 302 looking east towards Crawford Notch



Jefferson Notch Road


Rte. 2 Jefferson, NH (Home of Santa's Village)


We stopped at the Yankee Smokehouse for lunch. It is located at the intersection of Rt's 25/16 in West Ossipee NH. The food was very good, the bbq chicken is tops.







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Great stuff My Grandfather and I used to travel all around that area rockhounding he lived in Jackson I took my wife there after the MOA this year hadn't been since 79. We had a ball.Thanks.

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Great riding area and great pictures. Now, slight hijack. A few years ago my wife and I did a ride with several other couples through New England. We, of course, stopped at Franconia and took some obligatory shots of the old man. The next year we heard the news that the old man had collapsed.


That next year we were on vacation in Aruba. At that time there was a famous bit of topography known as the natural bridge (http://www.aruba-travelguide.com/sights/natural_bridge.html) which we also visited and photographed. The following year this icon of the area collapsed as well.


We are now fearful of visiting other monuments in case we're somehow the typhoid Mary's of geology. grin.gif

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Thanks for the nice words. This ride took quite some time to post because the pictures were lost in computer land. We didn't ride the kancamagus hwy on that trip, but is a very worthy ride. Al, do you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon anytime soon? smirk.gif



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