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RT and GS go and play


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Very cool production--even better trip! We did a London to Rome thing (via Barcelona) on a V65 Saber a few years ago--okay more than a few.


Especially loved the single lane roads with the shear drop offs--Katy still gives me grief about them ooo.gif


This certainly tops the photos from my disposable camera thumbsup.gif

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That was fantastic- I'll be suiting up right now to take out the RT along the beach with my daughter ..... never did like the GS but I can see myself owning one someday now. thumbsup.gif

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Thanks for the vicarious trip.


That was so much fun, we watched it twice! thumbsup.gif


BTW Phil, GS's are very "wheelie" friendly.


Don't ask me how I know. grin.gif


( And, don't ask Roadscholar!) wink.gif

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