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How should I wire a heated seat


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I have an 06RT that did not come with a heated seat and does not have the factory wiring or switch. Any ideas how I should wire this and how I could have two heat settings?

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First, leave the standard wiring on the RT alone. You don't want to tap into any of the wires that are controlled by the CANbus computer.


Second, I would get my hands on a Touratech CANbus bypass plate, tapping the relay trigger wire to the positive lead on the accessory port (on with the key, off 60 seconds after you shut off the key --- btw, the accessory port is not CANbus controlled for specific load so tapping into the wire should work fine). Then I would wire in a Gerbing or Widder perma-mount controller between the CANbus bypass plate and the seat and mount the control dial somewhere (the wires should be long enough to lead to the area just above your accessory port on the left fairing panel). For purposes of servicing the bike, the Gerbing has an inline plug that Gerbing wants you to put shrink wrap on. If you simply use electrical tape, you can disconnect the plug to take the bike apart.


With the controller, you won't just have two heat settings, you'll have infinetly adjustable heat settings. But this isn't plug 'n play. You are going to have to do some thinking, planning, and some good electrical work. But if you're capable, it could come out very nice.

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You can order factory heated seats, the connectors are under the seat. The back seat comes with the switch under the seat all you have to do is hook it up and have the computer reprogramed at the dealer to recognize the heated seats.


The front seat is a little more complex, you have to order a new switch on the right handle bar. its not cheap but it gives you the factory set up. It can be done I have just finished mine. Chicago BMW has the best prices.

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