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Singing the Praise of Gerbing


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What a great company. Of course I knew that, but they once again proved why I'm a devoted customer.


I recently purchased a pair of heated G-3 heated gloves at the motorcycle show in Novi, Michigan (near Detroit). These are going to replace my Classic gloves which I found to be too bulky. [As an aside, I'll be listing the Classic gloves on either IBMWR or Ebay shortly]. At the show, I tried on both the large and extra large and determined that the large were the better size for me. Well, I was talking with a friend of mine and somehow I came home with the XLs. I was fairly certain that there would be no problem with the exchange, but their customer service blew me away once again. Without even asking, the person I talked to said that Gerbing would ship out a pair of large G-3s and include a prepaid envelope to facilitate the return of the XLs. She KNEW that I didn't want to spend a day without the heated gloves, so she made sure I was covered. I'll repeat, I didn't even have to ask for this!


This incident is not exception to the rule as far as I'm concerned regarding my relationship with Gerbing. Before I got the Classic gloves, I tried their glove liners. I think I started with the first model. I found them to be very uncomfortable after about two or three hours. Of course, I didn't realize this until I did my first SaddleSore ride a year ago last December. Even though I owned the gloves over a year (but wore them only a few times), they offered to exchange them for a newer generation liner FREE OF CHARGE! When I received the next pair of glove liners, I determined that, even though they were much more comfortable than the first pair, they weren't comfortable enough. Gerbing allowed me to return the liners and applied the cost of the liners towards my Classic heated gloves.


What a great company!

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We recently did a seminar on Gerbing at our dealership (and had some specials going on the same day). In order to get a little more insight and background on the company than what is listed under "Company History" in the Gerbing Dealer Manual, I called earlier in the week and spoke with Jeff Gerbing, the son of the founder, Gordon Gerbing.


One of the stories Jeff relayed to me was when his father would take their first products down to Daytona for Speed Week. Many people don't realize this, but Gordon Gerbing was a machinist and didn't set out to become a heated clothing manufacturer. Anyway, the product was a bit pricey since everything was hand made by Gordon himself, and some people didn't have the cash. Instead they wanted to pay by credit card.


Gordon didn't have a credit card machine. So, if the person REALLY wanted or needed the clothing in order to have a warm ride home from Daytona, Gordon would give them the clothing and tell them to mail him a check. He was THAT trusting and was very far ahead in the Customer Satisfaction game. According to Jeff, not one person ever stiffed his dad. Everyone paid, and without being hounded to do so.


It's this trust in their customers that motivates Gerbing to do things like what they did for you. I can tell you that as a dealer, it is a company we are very proud to deal with and represent. They make our job incredibly easy.

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I recently sent my liner back due to a seam coming open just behind the right pocket. After not hearing from them for almost 2 weeks, I called them (prepared to give them my card number etc, etc.) and talked with "Head Lady" there. She found my ticket, and then said that the jacket had been sent back 3 or 4 days earlier (it showed up the next day). Well, when I explained why I was calling, she hesitated a second, and then said that it was done under warranty.....

When I explained that the same repair had been done 18 months earlier AND the year before that (and that I'd paid for it the 2nd time...) she said "Well, somebody made a mistake in your favor, huh?". I sorta agreed, and we both chuckled, and hung up. I was still feeling a bit guilty. Well, the next day rolled around, and the UPS guy leaves a box at the door, and when I see it's from Gerbing, I opened it right up to check it out. What the.........the seam hasn't been touched!!! Back into the box it goes....mailed it back to them the next day with a note explaining things.....and a paper stuck in the seam that was still open (so they'll see it). Got it back 10 or 11 days later......fixed!!


I've had 2 'trollers try to do a big melt down on me, but they were replaced w/o any problem. I love their product... best electric liner I've ever used (and I've used them all).


Make no mistake now....I'm not upset at all (it hasn't been all that cold here yet).....I just wanted to add to the story of how "good folk" they are, ya know? Next time I get over that way....think I'll take some flowers.



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