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ST Tank protector


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My ST was an ex-demo bike and came dealer fitted with clear plastic body/paintwork protection on the front facing areas of the fairing, mudguard and also tank protection. The product looks similar to that shown in your photo-link. If fitted correctly e.g. no bubbles under the film it is fairly unobtrusive and does protect the paintwork.


I think the complete body protection kit sells for £150 (fitted) in the UK and takes a good hour to fit correctly as it comprises more parts than shown in your photo. I would probably not have spent this money myself however it came as part of the deal when I bought the bike.

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I have the Z Technik carbon fiber tank protector that I've been using for a few months. Obviously, no knee protection, however. It does give me a bit of piece of mind with zippers and the like, and it hasn't gotten in the way of any tank bags.


Have you seen the Bagster tank wrap for the ST? I have a Bagster wrap and tank bag that I haven't been using the past few months since I got my BMW tank bag. If you're interested, I'd be willing to let mine go for a discount.

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