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Attendance Survey

Brant Herbert

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Brant Herbert

I'm working on the survey form now. Its based on the code written for the original survey, so there's not really all that much for me to do here (compared with the first time). As it seems what we collect here may have several uses, I want to be sure we collect all the information everyone needs. Here's my first pass at this, including the data I can think of as being needed from everyone.




Note: the form doesn't submit at this time. I'm hooking up the form fields now.


What information do you see as missing? Comments please.

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Brant, I think you can delete the reference to T-shirts. I'm ready to go with the T-shirt order form and I'll contact you offline to finalize it.


One thing that I do think might be good to ask is:


Do you plan to be at the KOA between 6-9AM for coffee and danish on Monday?



Do you plan to be at the KOA campground for a no-host pizza party on Monday evening?

For a no-host BBQ on Tuesday evening?


This info will help our Meals people figure out where we need to be with regard to those meals.

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If DB goes missing (like DB Cooper) I want Brant for the new boss. He's my hero..... laugh.gif


Good job BrantMan!!

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