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An update.....Banner & Panel


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Fresh off the phone with Jim Lawson of Dallsas M/C accessories. He's got a glacier green right side panel for us that he's shipping to FBs penthouse suite in Gunny. It has a nice roundel, but no knee pad. It'd be nice to complete the ensemble with a correct kneepad. Anyone have one laying around?? Thanx FB for your ideas, hard work & follow up on this project. You are da man, (no matter what Penny & Holly tell me).


Secondly, (and this has nothing to do with me), Jim says he was gonna make a banner sporting just his logo & ship it somewhere. I tole him that's Snods gig. He seems to think he & I talked about a banner a bit ago, but I tole him it was likely Snod. Snod, you out there bro?? If so, you need to email him at jolawson@attbi.net or call him at 972-414-1831, to straighten his senile old ass out.


Now, for my worthless .02 . Seems Snod is askin' for a banner with all 4 sponsors on it. Jim just wants to do his. I would think that since BigMak is the banner king, he'd be the dood to contact for a banner & at the same time, axe him for some scratch for the coffee fund, thereby lowering everyone elses costs. He being the jolly old soul he is, I'm sure he'd be on it like fat on a mother-in-law.


Any thoughts??


Has anyone spoken to hANNAbONE about a part in this whole gig?? Remember, he offered early on to be whatever was needed. He wanted to be my liason in the "group activity chairman" position (whatever the heck that was gonna be) I'd still like to see him do some sort of invocation, non-denominational prayer type gig. Be it for our whole group/ rally or for Steve Danner et al.




HellooooooOOOoooooo......are you out there???



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Thanks for the good work, Glen.


AS for jOHNrOBERT: If I can't squirt whipped cream on hANNAbONE, I ain't commin'.


jrh is a sensitive and aware guy, and I'd welcome his Invocation, and think it would be well received.

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I absolutely agree with Dick. Not only would his invocation be welcome, but we can use him as a floater/relief-person.

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jOHN hANNA shines in a crowd - I participated in one of his meetings for his BahnSturmer BMW club, and he ran the whole thing soup to nuts and was awesome.


Subtle Hint: Annoint him as the new Group Activity Chairman - if you make him a floater, you'll miss out on a dynamic dude. Most of you know him anyway, so what the heck am I talking about?

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I imagine JRH is very engaging. In fact, I'm sure he is. Let's leave it to David Baker as to where and when he turns anything over to John. Right now, we don't have a Group Activity Chairman and since we don't have many group activities (apart from riding and eating), it would be an empty assignment.


Like the National Anthem idea, though. Kind of like a 6AM revelie at the KOA.

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Sorry Gleno, I've been asleep on this thread. When it was first posted I must have been all hyped up for the MN1000 and it just didn't register. I had figured it was regarding the body panel, not the sponsored by banner. Jim called me, golly over 2 weeks ago now, and ask for my address to ship his banner to. He didn't mention doing it for all four sponsors? I gave him my work info. I just e-mailed Jim. Hope he will let me know what he is shipping. Cycle Gadgets had said they were sending me a banner of theirs. I figured that whoever I didn't have something from by the end of next week I would get something made here in Denver. If BigMak wants in great, I could sure use artsy help on a banner. I will try and contact him next week after I see what I already have from Jim and Sean?

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EZy Mount and Cycle Gadgets are both sending me their own banners. I will ship them back after the Gathering. I just sent a message to bigmak and ask him to help out by producing a banner with all the sponsors on it. If he isn't able to help out I will get one produced here in Denver.

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