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How California was "Whipped"


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I will never be able to put into words the love Louise and I felt while traveling through "The Peoples Republic of California".


At times(most of the time) we felt like Fox News reporters visiting the USSR in the mid 80's(I know Fox News wasn't around then). We had an official escort from BMWST almost everyday and when we did get away, other representatives showed up for dinner just in case we had any questions or problems. Do to the diligence of the escorts we only saw the most beautiful places and the friendliest people. So when we weren't laughin we were about to. I can't say thank you enough, but I'm still gonna have a little fun with ya'll anyway.


Let the Tale begin. I’m gonna do this Adventure Rider style. I’ll add to the storey every day or so until I complete the Tale. Kinda like a mini series on ABC


I-10 has always been a great way to do miles, 80mph speed limit(most of the time) and very little traffic, unless of course a couple vehicles try to fit into the same space and then catch on fire.(I hate it when that happens)



Mama-Hoon suggested we stay in the middle of the desert(we couldn't get into any trouble or see anything we weren't supposed to) in Borrego Springs at the boyhood home of Zorro.(really, that's what they told me dopeslap.gif)


I think Sean Penn was sent by Mama Hoon to check on us our first night in the Republic.(he walked through while we were drinkin at the bar)


Ya'll are good.


For some reason we forgot all about the desert once we got settled into our room.



The view from our room in "La Casa Del Zorro"



Because we had crossed the border into CA the night before and had travel within the "Republic" for almost 100 miles and Sean Penn had to work, escorts were dispatched and were waitin on us in the mornin. The escorts were "surprisingly knowledgeable" about the area. Leslie had been a Park Ranger in the area, by Autocom she told us of the points of interest along the way. She made sure to ride behind me to make sure my eyes stayed on "the right things". We didn't see a straight road for the rest of the day, it was great.


Stopping for pie and conversation......you can see from the pic that we sure missed the people who had to work(Jamie) or were too busy. We were miserable without ya'll.


Louise(middle left) with our first escorts Bill Walker, Leslie, and StanF.



Leslie took a short cut home to get ready for dinner. Bill lead us to our room while with help from Stan they continued to direct our attention through the Autocom keeping us from observing anything unpleasant.


They dropped us at the Delmar Hotel with instructions to meet everyone next door for dinner at 7pm.


Escort Stan, Mrs Whip, and Escort Bill. Do ya think that's their real names??? They must get paid a lot because they never stop smilin.



Dinner was great. We ate on the back patio right on the beach. We enjoyed the company, the view, and the sound of the waves. BTW...I have never seen that much skin, silicon, tight clothes, and diamonds in one place in my life grin.gif.

Now you know why I didn't take any pix, Louise would have made me delete them anyway. bncry.gif


I got up early the next mornin and awoke to this sight.


It wasn't long before.... WIPE OUT!!!!


I enjoy watchin this hansom young man play with his stick.




I wonder what she's smilin about.



Around 10am Escort Stan brought Rob with him and introduced her as his wife??????


They took us on a tour of the area again showing us only the most beautiful places and never getting too far from the beach.


Charlie's house from Top Gun .



Planning for the seas to rise because of Global Warming is very important to some people.



We then had a very special "spontaneous" lunch at the only Armenian Cafe I've ever heard of. Being Armenian I was very impressed. I wonder if the sign is still up????.



After a great lunch and much fun Escort Stan gave us stricked instruction on how to get to Browns Motorsports where our next escort would be waitin on us.


The "Dry Town Crew" had done a great job. We can't thank ya'll enough.


Fernando helped us with the passenger Autocom and FlyinGreg was waitin on us.

We were an hour late because the bike made a wrong turn. lmao.giflmao.gif


It just felt natural for me to be following Greg(I think I did it for around 2000 miles this summer) I just relax and enjoy the ride. I think we should call him the "Allstate man". (Your in good hands)


We had a dinner with his lovely wife and in the mornin Greg took us on 33 (wonderful road) over the hills to the Rock Store. Where we met Laney and Dennis(Where did Dennis go?) for lunch.

(Louise, Laney, Greg)


I kinda liked this one.



The next mornin Greg showed me his oil well and just to rub it in a little he told me, when I got home, that he had just got his first check from the oil well about the time we got home from DV Recon.


After a great dinner with his wife and kids we were escorted back to the ocean to Morro Bay and the Rock. He took us to the sea on 58. A great road.



I think Greg was showin Louise some new wrestlin moves while wearin his Harley Shirt.


We had to say good bye to Greg and then we were on our own.

Bye Greg.....We miss ya....Thanks for everything....Love your new home....Hugs to everyone.


His last words were "keep the ocean to your left"


Tomorrow......Cambria, Big Sur, Bodega Bay......and Richard

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admit it Whip, didn't you first consider "how the Whips were California**d" as your primary working title?


I know Louise loved San Diego, so come on back and get your feet wet with one of my boards next time. btw, the TOP GUN house periodically goes up for sale.


Great first installment, looking forward to the "rest of the story" wave.gif

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The only thing better than the fabulous photos...... is the hilarious tale..... thumbsup.giflmao.gif That was fun, keep it up ! (little Californian smiley, sorry no silicon: cool.gif )

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Well, it was worth the wait. Here's hoping that this ride tale will really last. clap.gif


Great pics, and as always, a good read. Thanks for posting this.

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It was a pleasure, as always, to see the ever-younger Louise, who brightens up any room she's in. thumbsup.gif


As for Larry, well, if he wasn't a good Republican he'd make an excellent wheel chock. tongue.gif



Seriously great to see you both and to share, even in a small way, in your excellent travel adventure. Sorry you missed the Meat Orgy, but it sounds like Flying Greg made sure you got fed well and had a nice place to stay.


Give me a call and let's talk about that Autocom issue and if we got it resolved to your satisfaction.

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So after saying good bye to Greg we were on our own, no reservations for our night time accommodations no plans for the day other than PCH North. We made our first stop in the sea side town of Cambria. A nice residential road goes along the coast.




When Louise got off the bike she made tracks for the water.


While Louise was busy I scouted around lookin for natives. I didn't see any but they must have been little people.


On the way back to the bike I told Louise that I had a copy of Killers book of cheap places to stay. In the book Cambria had a listing. Before agreeing to stay for the night she wanted to see what killer had in mind.



I kinda liked it.




Louise wanted to check out some other options.



A couple locals showed up and it was time for us to move on.



Further up the coast I had my first Richard moment/flashback.


While at Torrrey XII I was very confused by this.




No more...it's a California thang....I just didn't understand....my bad.



It didn't take me long to find Richard's soul mate.





Further north as the sunset Mrs. Whip took some nice pix.








We stopped in Big Sur for the night and stayed at the Big Sur Lodge. I spent some time lookin for a GPS trackin device planted on the bike by my So Cal friends. Never did found it, but I'm sure it was there.


The next day was only a couple hundred miles so I thought we had plenty of time to check out the trail out the back of the Lodge.


Which lead us by the falls.




I wanted to go to the end of the trail....so


It took awhile for me to get back......Mrs Whip was waiting on me at the trail head....now I know what Richard feels like to have people waitin on him all the time.


On the way to the room Mrs. Whip saw some cool stuff.



This place wasn't in Killer's book of cheap places to stay....must have been too expensive.


That's it for now.....as a teaser I'll leave ya with this pic...explanation to follow later.



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There went another perfectly good monitor!!! Must learn to swallow coffee before reading board posts!


I truly see the resemblance with Richard. Glad you found his soul mate. He has been a little cranky of late! That should fix him. clap.giflmao.giflmao.gif



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I sure hope this makes it as a Ride Tale That Lasts . . . .


Dunno, we'll wait and see if it gets any better. It's close, but I don't think it's really his best stuff! tongue.gif



I've got to stop reading this stuff at work. My crew already think I'm a bit . . . odd! (What do you mean you don't ride a Harley!!?? confused.gif )


But the uncontrollable laughter emanating from the other room REALLY is getting them concerned about my sanity! Keep 'em coming, Whip!!! clap.gif

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Good thing I am home alone this week.... so I don't have to explain the funny noises I make when reading Whip's reports... where on EARTH do you find the time to compose all this !!?? confused.gifgrin.gifeek.giflmao.gif

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I sure hope this makes it as a Ride Tale That Lasts . . . .


Dunno, we'll wait and see if it gets any better. It's close, but I don't think it's really his best stuff! tongue.gif




He may punch you for that, and unless I am compensated for my testimony, I may have to look the other way. smile.gif


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Whip and Mrs Whip y'all done really good! Can't remember when I've been so entertained. The Richard soul mate was priceless! Keep the good stuff coming. I've cancelled my cable TV, newspapers and bacically any other contact from the outside so my mind will be clear when you post again. Who'da thunk Richard liked seafood crazy.gif

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When last we were together the happy couple was on their way back from a nice mornin hike around Big Sur. Not a bit of hurry in the air we had all day to do 200 miles plenty of time to do some more sight seein along the way. (famous last words).


The sun was brighter and the water was even more blue.


We had been to Carmel and Monterey before so we skipped it.


While gazing upon the sea I saw what looked like military fortification bunkers and people jogging on a path leading to them. I ask Mrs. Whip if she wanted to investigate, again knowing we had plenty of time to get to Bodega Bay(200 miles)

she said lets check it out. I took the next exit turned left under the freeway and promptly was taken back on the freeway in the opposite direction, next exit 3 miles. Back around and this time I turn right away from the sea lookin for away to cross under the highway. I was a getting a little pissed so when I came to an area that said restricted stay out....I went in. It was soft dirt no room for a u-turn so around the barricades I went.


We were now in what looked like old army barracks that had long ago been decommissioned.




One of the doors had this symbol on it.....In Texas this means HOLD MY BEER WHILE I CHECK THIS OUT

so of course I went inside.






Not all the building had cages in them.



On the way out we came across this church......if I wasn't confused before ....I was now.



Now to further add to the confusion .....look what was chained up in front of the church.

These bikes had been sitting for years....lots of rust in places you don't normally find. Each bike had an equal amount of dirt...they had not been moved in a long time.



I thought I had come across one of the Japanese internment camps ...Jamie set me straight.




Back on the PCH

We stopped for lunch in the town of Davenport. When the yellow K Bike pulled up I knew we were in a good place.

The food was great. I liked the town.....so after lunch and knowing how much time we had I went for a walk.


I saw the Cross from this Church in the distance so I just started walking toward it between the houses.




On the way back to the bike I had another .... RICHARD MOMENT

First I saw these hansom fellas.......




The next thing I knew..... WAMMO....PRESTO....CHANGE-O




When I got back to the bike I told Mrs. Whip what I had seen......The thought of those lovely dog's heads being replaced by Richard’s and Killer's upset her so much she decided to check her blood pressure.(After Torrey XII she carries it on all our trips?????)


We didn't travel far before I came across another reason to stop(only had 200 miles)


I couldn't get the man and his chute in the same pic.



I gotta get one of these.


Since we only had 200 miles.........



At this time I was thinkin.......we must have stopped 20 times today, taken our gear on and off and on again...






Next stop the Golden Gate Bridge...Mrs Whip was busy.



The sun was startin to set and we had made it across the bridge....







So now that is was getting dark I checked the map to see how far we had to go.....about 40 miles if we take the 101 it looked a little longer using PCH but I wanted to stay with the shore line....


BTW....we had travel 224 miles so far....and as usual my calculation were a bit off.


10 minutes later we were on the most "exciting" road we had ever traveled...5pm traffic....severe elevation changes...blind corners....narrow road....10 mph switchbacks....gravel in all the turns....temps dropping fast.....wind from every direction blowin 50 mph.....2 1/2 hours later in the dark and cold of night we got to our hotel....


they said....


"we have no record of your reservation"


Ya'll will have to wait for Part 4 to see how this works out....



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"Ya'll" can't wait to read more !! lmao.giflmao.gif


Hmmm.. you know.. your kind of 'touring' resembles something... wait.. don't tell me.... my nickname is 'Navman' becasue I invariably take wrong turns and refuse to do 180's..... and STILL manage to always get to my destinations. Rings a bell ??? lmao.giflmao.gif


That 'Jeep' looks much like a Romanian 'Aro'... but what is it !?


Waiting for more..... wave.gif

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"That 'Jeep' looks much like a Romanian 'Aro'... but what is it !?"


It's an old Ford Bronco....the inside was even better than the outside.



It looked like something Gleno would have done.



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This just gets better and better!! lmao.giflmao.gifthumbsup.gif


You went to Fort Ord Army Base. My dad was a tank mechanic for the Army and I was born in the hospital on base. Thanks for the photos, way cool!! thumbsup.gif


That is a mid 70's Ford Bronco. My mom has a '76.


I can't wait for the story to continue!! grin.gif

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Ah a Bronco...... blush.gif Thanks for the update smile.gif (You would LOVE the 'jeep' Nina's father had for years..... I'll rummage through my files to find a picture.... rummage-rummage...

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10 minutes later we were on the most "exciting" road we had ever traveled...5pm traffic....severe elevation changes...blind corners....narrow road....10 mph switchbacks....gravel in all the turns....temps dropping fast.....wind from every direction blowin 50 mph.....2 1/2 hours later in the dark and cold of night we got to our hotel....


I'm sure a bunch of us here could have warned you to allow lots of time for that stretch of Highway 1 (nobody calls it PCH in NorCal, BTW), had you but asked! I (mis)spent my teenage years driving (too fast) on the roads over and around Mt. Tamalpais, and that stretch of 1 is one of my favorites. Not at 5 PM, though! It's also the route of the (in)famous "Sunday Morning Ride".

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At the end of the last episode the happy couple was about to be thrown out in the cold do to their leader being an idiot.(that would be me) I would learn later that I was discussing room options and reservations with one lodge at home and viewing the website of another at the office. Both sites made by the same web designer with similar pictures.


So when I printed out the map to get to the Bodega Bay Lodge, I didn't realize I had booked the room at the Inn of the Tides. Anyway I was frozen cold and the place we stopped had plenty of rooms so it really wasn't an issue. They even gave us a free upgrade so we had a very nice room on the water.


I think I called Richard and Tom(Boney) sometime and they worked on plans to meet us for dinner the next night. We had

Escorts in route. Nor Cal folks either weren't worried about us or didn't have anything to hide.


The view from our room.



Next mornin we had plans......


Let's see some giant redwoods....It was 200 miles to the Avenue of the Giants.....I learned my lesson yesterday, can't be done. Lets go do a Winery.....Why not both??....Armstrong is only 30 miles away.


First the Redwoods...





Sometimes those So Cal Escorts use disguises...I couldn't tell which one it was, Bill or Stan


On closer inspection I realized I was becoming paranoid. (maybe I was still frozen)




Back to the trees



Sometimes Mrs. Whip Just disappears.


and other times she's standin right in front of ya.




I gave Louise the map of all the winery's, she said "I wish Nora was here" 110521726-L-1.jpg

Has you can see from the pix, not much has changed in 100 years.





Louise in her element...."can we take these with us"



It would recommend the tour of Korbel to anyone. Free tour and tasting afterwards. The deli wasn't free but the sandwiches were wonderful.


We road around the wine country for another hour ...I never realized the beautiful colors grape leaves turn in the fall.





Sun was startin to set and we had dinner plans so we started back...not without stoppin for a few more pix along the way.


For you BMW snobs...just pretend it's my RTlmao.gif









Richard and Tom road their bikes to our hotel...


Dinner was great....I don't remember anything about the food......but we really enjoyed the company. I wish we lived 1000 miles closer we would do this all the time.


Boney's camera took this pic and yes both the deserts were for him.


L to R....Me, Louise, Richard(BeneciaRT_GT) and Tom(Boney)..Don't they clean up nice.



The next mornin it was time to start for home...not with out a couple stops along the way.


Another Winery






Silver Oak is a very expensive wonderful wine....their winery sucks....Korbels was authentic, historical and full of character with employees that loved their job and were proud of the winery and it's past....Silver Oak is all new and shiney, felt like I was in an upscale department store with a snobby sales person judging me at every turn.


Well that's it for now......




.......................teaser for tomorrows Tale



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And that's the long and the short of it! grin.gif (Sorry, Louise, couldn't resist)


Sometimes those So Cal Escorts use disguises...I couldn't tell which one it was, Bill or Stan





L to R....Me, Louise, Richard(BeneciaRT_GT) and Tom(Boney)..Don't they clean up nice.



Well, one of them does, anyway! (ducking for cover)

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Well, one of them does, anyway! (ducking for cover)


Yeah, Tom does still look a little "rough!" grin.gif


But you really shouldn't pick on him about it. He, much like myself, is pretty sensitive to that kind of thing!!!

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Ok its 9am in Texas. Where the heck is todays story???? You got your PC off the trailer yet?


Waiting on you know who.......AGAIN lmao.gif


Kaisr thumbsup.gif


Feeling Feisty today

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Busy mornin....have to wait until afternoon.


Now I know what Joe Walsh meant when he said..."fans write me and tell me I'm late".....I just wish I had the mansion and the gold records on the wall....




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Held back writing here only because it would've been great to meet (Meat?) you and the Whippette, but I understand (truly wink.gif). Ah, well. Next time. Glad you had the time to have such a great trip. Even if all them Beemer folks kept interruptin'! thumbsup.gif

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No, not a Beemer indeedy.....




But hey... I recognize those side racks !!! cool.gifgrin.gif


Man, you guys are having so much fun.. isn't there a law against that !!?? dopeslap.gif

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No, not a Beemer indeedy.....




But hey... I recognize those side racks !!! cool.gifgrin.gif


Man, you guys are having so much fun.. isn't there a law against that !!?? dopeslap.gif


Hey Francois


You don't mind if I give out your email to all the guys on the FJRforum....they want to know how I did that. lmao.gif



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Heck no Larry, and if they are all as GENEROUS as you were, then you may also put some commercial ads in the papers as well !! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifthumbsup.gif

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So we had finally turned toward home...but we still had people to see and miles to go before we could sleep.


Next stop the friendly home of The "bmwfans 1 and 2" Phil and Jamie. We got to their home around 3:30pm I walked into the house looked around and Phil pored me a drink of Oban Scotch. He then purposely place it on the bar so that as I reached for it ...WAM...I saw stars.....and then the laughing started. They even had Louise in on it.


They told me Jamie(KMG_365) "falls for it every time."


You can see the back of the cabinets perfectly placed to knock me out. Visitors beware just cause their smiling and act like such a cute couple…. they are vicious….and I love em.



But now to get even.


While stayin at the CW in Torrey I noticed Phil's bike never seemed to get dirty, I started lookin for the trailer then I saw him with a rag, toothbrush and Q-tip rubbin all over his bike and stickin things in it from all direction. Later I saw the cover come out and then he kissed his bike and tucked it in for the night under the cover.


Could this be the yard of man that anal.




I feel a lot better now...


Thanks you very much Phil and Jamie....

We really enjoyed our visit and the place we went to dinner was about as good as any place we have ever been.

I hope Phil posts the pic from dinner.


The next mornin it was on to Death Valley...the long way. I hadn't learned my lesson yet.

Tight schedule didn't allow for many pix....but we had never been to Yosemite.





We stopped for a quick lunch...the nice man said "we will have you table in 5 minutes" 45 minutes later we went to the bar to get a quick sandwich.


The National Park Service must use the same Lawn Care Specialist as Phil(1bmwfan)



This lovely fella was watchin me eat.


I guess letting in the wildlife keeps the cleaning cost down.


Later that day I got to meet a very nice LEO...she helped me plan the last couple hundred miles of our trip to DV and give me a performance award for 80 in a 65...more like 96, but she was feeling generous.


We got to the "Saddle west Casino and Whorehouse" around 8pm. Late for dinner but the bar was still open. It was great to see everyone again and my "Escorts" were waitin on me with reinforcements. I would have some pix, but my hands were cold and we were hungry.


We met some riders we had not previously had the pleasure. One left the next mornin....I'm not sure but I heard Gleno needed an "Escort" and it was his turn.....Good Luck.


Cornelius friend of "Mr. Duck"



Did someone say Duck


Back at the Long Street.....I forgot about the extra entertainment.



Check out the feet on this one.


Old man LongStreet ......smokin is hell on your complexion...not to mention your skin color...They told him to quit.



This is when I thought maybe the LEO I had met earlier was really an over zealous "Escort". Why else would Jamie be parked all by himself next to the LEO.


Devil's View...lookin down at Badwater.


The gang.


We had a great day of riding and after Todd switched dinner and breakfast around a few times to suit himself we were all happy.


In the mornin it was time to go our separate ways...the Escorts turned me over to a rookie...Todd changed breakfast around again and it became obvious that some people are not mornin folks.


I heard Andy tell Stan, "When you said 8 I thought you meant after dinner".



You guys just go....... frown.gifbncry.gif...if Todd(GrayDude) hadn't been changin everything all the time I could've been ready



Everything was goin so good until.........



Upon further review....I was relieved. Flat....(it only took me a minute to pull the core and take the pic)


After breakfast Tom(azkaisr) led us to Avondale Arizona...He tested my riding skills a couple times...


Thanks Tom for leading us to our exit...can't wait for next time.




Chris Olson and his better half Cindy took care of us before sendin us down the road to San Antonio. Chris made homemade stew for us and I think I'm gonna go back for more.



Louise and I would again like to thank everyone for a great time.....Ya'll truly are the best.


Don't forget our house is always open and the bar never closes.



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Nice, Whip!!! clap.gif







(Oh, and remind me never to let you see OUR back yard!! Ouch!! eek.gifdopeslap.gif )

Ditto that! Great report!

That back yard is purposely kept in that condition so Phil and his fellow firefighters can train on extinguishing urban brush fires! thumbsup.gif

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I am happy now!


Great report and as always it is great to hang out with you and the Mrs! I really do treasure the times I get to hang with you all and I will be thankful for all the great days I have had this year...even my friends who smell like Algae and those that don't have clean backyards should know I really do enjoy spending time with them. Now if I could only get the English to share their twinmaxes, life would be perfect!


Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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Nice, Whip!!! clap.gif







(Oh, and remind me never to let you see OUR back yard!! Ouch!! eek.gifdopeslap.gif )

Ditto that! Great report!

That back yard is purposely kept in that condition so Phil and his fellow firefighters can train on extinguishing urban brush fires! thumbsup.gif

You call THAT a back yard?! blush.giftongue.giflmao.gif


Great trip report, Whip & Louise! clap.gif Thx for taking the time to amass and then post everything!! smile.gifthumbsup.gif

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You call THAT a back yard?! blush.giftongue.giflmao.gif


Yes, it is a back YARD!! One yard deep by one yard wide!! grin.gifgrin.gif


Oh boy, I am sssoooooooooooooo glad the two Whips got up after me the morning they left!!! I have been waiting for this segment to let the pictures out! I am at work until Friday, but I will get them up upon my arrival home! cool.gif


I'll show you clean!!!! wave.gifeek.gif Man, you really must have hit your head on our cabinet!!

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great tale, Whips. Take a well-deserved rest.


I think I heard "ouch" a couple of times all the way from Temecula..land of Graydude grin.gif


don't overcook the Turkey wave.gif

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Nicly done. Good story and a great ride tale! I am drooling over the blue sky and sun. Humm... now where can I find it.


Head south young man, head south!!!

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I don’t get it confused.gif. I Mention a few alternative planning ideas and you are labeled an literate trouble maker who’s only good for hauling spare tires, transmissions, battery back-up for Whip’s computer and storage receptacle the numerous SD cards the Whip’s camera burns out. I’m going back to the LT site where I’m revered as a folk hero and something of an icon.

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