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More of Europe then..... but no winter yet


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I bet 2006 is going to go into history as a 'special weather' year....... unless of course this is just the beginning of the (global warming) end and subsequent years will only get worst.....


There is hardly a sign of winter yet, with temps still up into the 14 C, whereas it should be below 0 already !


Oh well.. the GOOD thing about it is that it makes for good riding weather.. strests were dry today, not too many leaves on them yetm and hardly a cloud in the sky !!!


So here are a few more pictures of my 'home turf'........




Ready to roll !!!!



The one problem this time of year is the low sun.... I wanted it in my back, so took to one of my favorite dikes, heading east....




There was what sailors would call a 'stiff breeze' blowing (town dwellers would call it a storm)... just the right sort of weather for the kite surf fanatics.....




The little church at Schellinkhout.... one of the oldest villages in the area...




The houses protected by the dike are lower than the sea level ... of course...




'Dutch twisties'




It wasn't a storm of course.... just a fierce wind blowing.

Many people on the dikes... walking........








Approaching the town of Enkhuizen.... this bend in the dike protrudes into the lake and is dangerous at night... hence the light tower





Another old church in another old village...... this is Oosterleek




The trees ARE colouring a bit now, but many are still awefully green...




The 'main entrance'' to the city of Enhkhuizen. In the old days people would enter trhough the gate of course.. now all traffic is led around it. Since the city walls have disappeared, that's possible.

The drapes with 650 on them are in honour of the fact that Enkhuizen was granted city privileges 650 years ago.....


Our city Hoorn will have the same fesitivities next year. All cities in the region were granted 'city rights' around the same time here.




Part of the old harbour.....




I like these old (restored) buildings. Streets would lead to the harbor front, like spokes of a wheel. That would leave strange triangular bits of lend where they'd meet.... so you'd build a triangular house on it.. makes sense.




I liked this one... not sure what it used to be in old days... will have to find it out one day.




Just so you wouldn't think I took the train down there..........




On my way back, now heading westwards.... the sun low in my eyes.... There are villages strung together for some 20 miles between Enkhuizen and Hoorn.. they all look somewhat similar, like this






Did I mention the low sun !!??


I would call this a 'Steve1962 shot' nowadays.... *grin*




Almost home.... this mill is in our village and still working. It is over a hundred years old, but was not initially built here.

This is not a water mill, but a flour mill. We get the flour for our homebaked bread there..... all VERY ecological (is that a word?)...




This mill is so well maintained that it looks as if it was built yesterday.....


Oh, some more trivia: the mill makes 1.3 million rotations every year...





Ah.. and last but not least...... that RED DOOR there is Silver Cloud Publishing's HQ !!






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Thanks so much for the photos. I can remember visiting Hoorn in about 1956 and seeing buildings that tilted out at the top. Hope their "perspective" is still there.

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Thanks so much for the photos. I can remember visiting Hoorn in about 1956 and seeing buildings that tilted out at the top. Hope their "perspective" is still there.


Wow, that is a long time ago.. I could barely walk then !! smile.gif


You mean these?









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… it should be below 0 already !

Winter doesn’t even start for another month, Francois! Don’t be in such a hurry! Temps for the fall are not at all supposed to be below 0 in Holland, so be grateful you still get to ride and take lovely pics, you’ll be sorry enough once the roads are coloured their familiar pink from the salts.

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