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Bypass Air screw O-ring


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The O-ring on the By-pass air screw for a 99 RT is not listed on the parts fich. Does anyone know the part number or a discription and source?

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Strangely it is not the same o'ring on every Oilhead.


On my 99 RT it is a 8 X 1 (Choose Viton if you can; NBR will not last as long; don't forget to lube)


On many others Oilheads it's very often 5 X 1.5


Oops: all dimensions in [mm]

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Oops: all dimensions in [mm]


Believe it or not, we're kind of used to working in MM. wink.gif Until BMW goes to the English measuring system, we're stuck on metric.


As far as the "O" ring is concerned, I've heard that the LBBS is a wear-replacement item, and not too costly. Most folks just replace the whole screw. I have:


13 54 1 342 073 - $4.80 each (Chicago BMW).


That's for an R1100RT.

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