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PIAA 1100x low beams?


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So my PIAA lights are really bright. Which is great when I'm all alone and I want to see, but it's not too neighborly when there are others on the road. Since I got them less for seeing as for being seen, I'd like to know if anyone has theirs set up to put off less light as a low beam, and go to full-on with the high beam.


I don't know if it's reasonably possible, or if it would harm the lights. I assume a special two-way relay would be needed?

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Just point then down a bit - I run with my 1100X's on night or day and never have a problem with oncoming drivers.


That's what I did. The 1100X isn't particularly good at throwing light way down the road anyway, but they do a decent job up close so that worked better for me anyway.

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The 1100x is designed to flood the foreground and sides of the road, not to light the way ahead. If you aim them for maximum coverage up close, you should not have any problem with oncoming cars. They are very good for "being seen," but they are fantastic for night driving on narrow, twisty roads. I don't do much of that kind of riding, but when I do, I really appreciate the PIAAs.

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