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Photosensitive fog resistant shield


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Fog City products rock! I hadn't seen this one till now but I will assume it's quality.

We though have another problem.... eye glasses still fog! doh! dopeslap.gif

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I cant comment on the Photosensitive part. I do hear it works but I cant remember the details. Seems I remember it does not get all that dark.


I can comment on the fog resistant part. I have used the regular clear Fogg City shield on three different helments. On the first two it worked really well. No matter the cold or the wet the sheild stayed clear.


The thing is a thin sheet of plastic with a bit of adhesive all around the edge. You end up with a small layer of dead air between the helmet shield and your face. The only part that actually sticks to the face shield is that thin bit of adhisive circling the Fogg City shield.


And there in lay the problem with my current helmet. The thing worked great for awhile. Then it began to delaminate from the helmet shield. Once it starts to delaminate it looses it anti fog capability.


In the past I put them on used face shields. I always cleaned the shield very well before I applied it. This time the helmet and shield was brand new so I did not clean the shield first. It is possible there was some sort of coating on the helmet sheild from the manufacturer which caused the Fogg City not to stick.


I do know that in the past it worked well enough that I am going to give it another try. I will give the shield a good cleaning before I put on the 2nd one. We will see what happens. I have bought more expensive acessories in the "hopes" that they would work.


Yankee dog

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I thought the anti fog part worked fine but the adhesive band around the edge was distracting. Worth the distraction in wet/cold weather but in summer, I pulled it out.

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sold by Aerostitch. Anyone have experience with it?


The photo-sensitive part relies on UV to darken the insert so it depends on how much your visor filters UV. I had one on a HJC helmet that just would not darken whereas my other riders I know have had them work just fine though they did not get very dark.


The fog resistance is first-class.



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Worth the distraction in wet/cold weather but in summer, I pulled it out.

Is it re-adhesivable? (technical term grin.gif)


No. Or at least mine wasnt.


yankee Dog

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