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Helmet Speakers vs Earphones


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Hi All,


I currently have a Baehr Ultima using the helmet speakers & microphone. Since I use custom earplugs, I need to adjust the volume to near maxium to hear music, radar, etc.


I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the existing helmet speakers in order to use a custom earphone AND still use the microphone in the helmet? Anyone tried this?

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Not sure about the Baehr but Autocom makes an adapter that is inline with the cable that goes to the helmet and has a "tap/socket" for custom earphone/plugs to plug into. Works great.

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I have Autocom as well and have the adapter cable with the box in it. There is a outlet plug in this box to plug in your in-ear speakers. I use Er6i and have found them to work well. Before finding this adapter cable, I toyed with the idea of wiring in an outlet plug on the side of the helmet. A buddy of mine told me that I may have to put some resistors in the wiring due to the difference in speaker impedence. I guess if you are the only one on the bike and always used in-ear speakers, it wouldn't make any difference. But if you adjusted the volume to suit the in-ear speakers and then decided to use the helmet speakers, the volume may not be at the proper level. BTW, my helmet speakers continue to work when I have the in-ear speakers plugged in, but I can't hear them.

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Yes...this nice lady makes them for the Baehr....and for a few dollars more and a couple weeks time you can get them with separate volume controls.




You will have to buy the inner ear speaker separatly, ER6is or Arizona Al's specials both work great.






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Thanks for the info Whip. I called Baehr after I posted and they gave me the exact same info. The tech I talked to has one and couldn't say enough good things about it. I'm gong to order one ASAP.



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