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Anyone use a BMW neck warmer and how to size?


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I don't have one of those but I do use a section of sleeve cut from a long sleeve tee shirt to the same effect.


My last long ride was last week and temps got down into the low 40's. As most of you know, the one weakness of the Roadcrafter is that it doesn't have a very high collar and my neck was getting cold. A quick trip to Wally World and 8 bucks later I had two. Sizing was pretty easy, I just picked where on the sleeve to cut.

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I've got a thermal Buff from www.buffusa.com


They've got a lot of different styles and colors. The neat thing is you can wear them with anything, not JUST your motorcycle stuff.


They've got several with windstopper and Goretex fabrics.



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I just ordered a mini neck gator from Schampa because I have a short collar on my jacket (www.schampa.com). The increased warmth is fantastic. It was the best $16 (which included shipping) I have spent in a long time on motorcycle clothing. You just pull it over your head and put on your helmet. Easy on. Easy off. You can't beat it. They also have a lot of other clothing to choose from as well. The turtlenecks are great. I got one for my wife and she loves it.

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The missus got a neck gaiter from the local sporting goods store. It is made by North Face and she really likes it. I think it was less than $20.


I use an old army green wool scarf. I really like it and the Army gave it to me for free.


yankee Dog

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I use a combo of the BMW storm hood, neck gaiters, balaclavas and neoprene face mask to ride in very cold (below freezing) temps.

I use a low windshield so I have lots of cold air to play with.

Campmor and the like have neck gaiters and neoprene maks at reasonable prices.

Keeping the head and neck warm is critical when it's seriously cold.

Storm hood.


BMW Windstopper Stornhood $35.00 http://www.sierrabmw.bigstep.com/item.jhtml?UCIDs=820323%7C1093216&PRID=1106171

Campmor gaiters, Neoprene





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thanks for the replies.

i've looked at all the options and still like the bmw one best. i'm trying to determine what size i should buy.

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The missus got a neck gaiter from the local sporting goods store. It is made by North Face and she really likes it. I think it was less than $20.


Got one today, tried it on a ride at 40 degrees, and it worked great. Nice comfy fleece kept my chin warm. Only shortcoming is that having more bulk crumpled up between my shoulders and the bottom of my helmet reduces the clearance and makes it harder to rotate my helmet when doing a head-check before changing lanes. Somebody with a long neck would not have that problem.


$20. Sold at the kind of outdoor sporting good store that sells clothing for hunting & fishing.


One size fits all, because it has an elastic drawstring. I had never seen one before, and I've never seen a photo of one being worn, so I assume I put it on correctly when I pulled it over my head and down around my neck, then pulling the portion in the upper left, in the photo below, over my chin.


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I got one of those, and I like it, but if you are on the fence about size, I recommend you go up a size. The narrowest portion of the warmer is right around the Adam's apple, and having something around my neck at that point... well I just find it a little threatening. I like things a tad looser there rather than tighter. Perhaps there's some ancient family history related to misdeeds and the gallows, or something, by my genetic instincts tell me "size up!" So I gave mine to my son and ordered a larger one for me. Much happier.

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I bought the BMW neck warmer for the wife a couple years ago and she likes it very well. I bought the med size for her and she thinks the small might fit better.

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