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Several years ago I, on this forum, said I would wait to buy a ST with low mileage and at a depressed price due to the lack of acceptance I expected for this bike. I expected this having been a long time owner of a R11RS. Well one has now walked up and bit me. And it is a worthy successor to the RS, but I am having some trouble figuring how to mount the above toys. At first I need to mount the radar detector and the XM radio. The GPS will probably be mounted on the Big Mak on some sort of support that starts out in the platen pouch. Who has pictures or advice for me?

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I've always been fond of TonyT607's setup

Thanks Matt !


Henry, I've made a couple of small mods to the setup Matt refers to. I upgraded the XM Roady to a SkyFi2 (the Roady kept overheating and shutting down in hot weather); and I installed a Radar Mount from Pirates Lair. I'm very happy with this. Check it out at

Pirate's Lair: Radar Mount for R 1200 ST


Here is what my setup looks like now. I also cleaned up the cables a bit and wrapped them in split conduit for a neater appearance. Also did likewise on the cables going to the PIAA's on my forks.


Cockpit view:




Side View:



From the front:



Good view of Gadget Guy's hardware. Really top notch stuff.


Close up of Pirate's Lair mount. Really a metal plate with a circular cup welded to it. The cup fits snugly over your clutch reservoir cap and is secured by 2 set screws. Simple and effective. Jerry supplies some big pieces of Velcro but I use 3M Dual Lock for everything. Much much better.



Take a look at my old post and let me know if you've got any questions. See ya

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here are a couple of options

gadget guy with 376 and passport xm antennna on top of passport case not easy to get to keys


ram ball on mirror stalks easier to move around get to keys

I take off the thumb wheel and use an nut on the arm for better securityI did not use the passport on this trip to Nova Scotia because of the Canadian laws so just put the xm antenna on the ram stalk.


both methods very secure over ten thousand miles on each on all kinds of roads (even PA roads) with no problems

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