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Noob question - The steering damper is broke...


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Replace it, remove it, or leave it?


It's on a '99 R1100R. The bike is in the shop for it's 24k service and the dealership called and asked if I wanted to get it fixed.

I drive like a little old lady, no track days and not a lot of twisty roads in my neck of the woods. I'm thinking it's probably been broken since I bought the bike last year.

Is it worth the 250+ to replace it?

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I wouldn't bother. I took the one off my R1100S when it started to seize and I haven't missed it. In fact, I like the lighter steering that comes with it. The bike will shake its head a little on a bumpy 2nd gear corner exit but it never really gets that bad. With the wider bars on the R, it should be a piece of cake to control should you find yourself riding in a pretty sporting manner.

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