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scuff pad set?


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I have had them on my RT for well over a year. The provide a bit of protection to the lower part of the painted lid and in my opinion, make the bike look better. Without them the bags look rather bloated. See the attachment.


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I just purchased a set of pads for the tank (where my knees go and belt buckle). I haven't installed them yet but will post pix in the spring. I ordered them from Nippy Norman in England. Excellent service.

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Thanks everyone. I keep scuffing mine and I thought they might add a little protection. I forget how wide this bike is with the bags.

Oh I get you. There are companies that sell a clear film you can cover the cases with to protect it. Personally I've put plenty of boot scuffs on my cases and I've yet to have anything happen that didn't come right off when I clean them.

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"but it's scraping my wife's Grand Cherokee that needs to stop!"


I don't think the scuff pads won't prevent that from happening. What they do protect from is that inadvertant drop. They keep the bottom and lower side of the lid from getting messed up if you drop it. Personally I thing they worth just it for the looks. Without them my red bags look rather fat. I've attached a pic of mine before I installed the protectors.


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