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Brake bleed was easy


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thanks to various members of this post, my first brake bleed on the '04 RT went off without a hitch. A little more involved than my R90s, but only took me about two hours the first run through. Should be much quicker next time.


thanks to all of you for saving me a few hundred bucks.


On another quick note, I hear rumors that the '04's do not need a tranny input spline lube? True? If not, what's the frequency? Every two years or 20,000 miles or something?



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Hey there Rick... smile.gif


The general thought pattern is that around every 50K you want to do a spline lube. This is a bit more intense of a job than on the old airheads you are used to. There is a board member that has done this without tearing apart their bike. You might want to post a new thread with the correct subject for spline lubes. At that point, I am sure that Jamie (KMG_365) will speak up.



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Spline lube: Discussed this with a BMW mechanic recently. He says his experience is that oilheads do not need frequent spline lubes like the airheads do. He says that when there is a reason to go in that area anyway, such as an oil leak, clutch problem, or clutch hydraulic cylinder (R1150RT) problem, it then makes sense to do an input spline lube. I dunno, that's just what the mechanic said. One more opinion.

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thanks guys.


Having owned a R75/5 and an R90s for 26 years now, I'm waaay more comfortable doing spline lubes on my old Airheads and would rather not tear into that area of my Oilhead if not needed.

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